Manufacture of metal structures

Изготовление металлоконструкций

As a rule, the production of steel are engaged in large specialized enterprises. This is due to the need to accommodate land for different types of metals and need for expensive machine-tool Park. Now widely used Metalworking CNC machines, which allows to significantly improve the quality of work performed.

Изготовление металлоконструкций

These manufacturers have a full range of services. They are capable of:

  • develop project documentation;
  • to choose the necessary raw materials;
  • to create a routing processing of the material at all stages of production of the final product;
  • mount it under the key area of the customer.

The level of professional training, the technical capabilities of the existing steam machine allow you to execute any orders for manufacture of metal, be it:

  • Materials handling and process equipment;
  • Buildings for various purposes;
  • Additional metal.

Kinds and types of metal

Products of the reporting range currently classified by several criteria, the main ones are:

The type of construction, taking into account equipment installation:

  • Stationary;
  • Allowing the possibility of repeated Assembly and disassembly;
  • Transformable.

Product dimensions:

  • Bulky;
  • Standard;
  • Light;
  • Configuration;
  • The technology of manufacturing;

Purpose. Any respectable company is ready to offer its customers a wide range of finished designs:

  • For the erection of towers, towers, support columns for various purposes;
  • Vozduhonagrevatelej, dust collectors, designed for companies producing rolled metal products;
  • Solid structures made of sheet metal for clearances of considerable size;
  • Beams, columns, other range to objects of a frame type;
  • Ready-made kits light prefabricated buildings;
  • Stairs, railings, fences, handrails, etc.;
  • Capacity for different purposes, volumes and shapes (tanks, tanks);
  • Steel structures for road construction.

Изготовление металлоконструкций

Full information about the capabilities of your chosen contractor to be representative of the company by personally visiting the office or contacting them at one of the telephone numbers available on the website of the manufacturer.

The technology used and the main stages of production

The production of steel is carried out according to standards or according to customer’s drawings, taking into account the additional requirements of the latter.

The final (and most important) step is to assemble fabricated construction. It may be performed by various methods. Most often for these purposes:

  • Riveting (if in the process of operation design subject to regular vibration) or bolting is mounting a mechanical type;
  • Bonding — we use adhesives guarantee the connection of the bonding surfaces at the molecular level;
  • Welding of various types:
  • Electric arc;
  • Gas;
  • Point.

Regardless of the type of running order all the elements of the future design at each stage of manufacturing go through strict production quality control. Usually the companies involved in the production of steel, which have a certified QMS, this procedure is carried out at least three times:

  • Incoming inspection, during which carried out the spectral and chemical analytical analysis of the source of metal and other materials;
  • 3-estatecity control at various stages of manufacturing;
  • Control the acceptance, execute tests according to KTD;
  • A passport of quality for the customer with the annexes, copies of certificates on raw materials.

Изготовление металлоконструкций

Serious and a large steel plant sells products for the year in amounts ≥ 30000 tons, have their own and not lease manufacturing facilities are located in a large area. This allows them to build and equip the necessary machines all the necessary production departments (in the extreme case, isolated areas to perform metal fabrication of any type). Reliable, customer may consider the company that is able to carry out all kinds of machining:

  • Milling;
  • Turning processing;
  • Forging and pressing;
  • Assembly;
  • Painting (before this product goes through sandblasting, primer) standard coatings and powder technology.

They are ready to offer customers the manufacturer:

  • Steel structures for any purpose:
  • Transmission towers and lighting;
  • Advertising design and masts;
  • Fencing and overpasses;
  • Containers and bins;
  • Staircases and canopies;
  • Any other structures that interest the customer.

If the client does not have the necessary documentation, the engineers of the manufacturer will develop the right set of KM and KMD.

Practice shows that the company has long specialized in providing similar services to offer customers:

  • Manufacture and installation of office buildings, warehouses, logistics centers, car dealerships, shopping malls, buildings with significant openings (workshops, etc.);
  • Manufacture of the hoisting machinery: tower, cantilever, gantry, overhead cranes (1-and 2-unblocked), and a full set of spare parts for the products they produce.

Persons interested in the manufacture of metal construction, can always book:

  • Overpasses for conveyors and pipelines;
  • Capacity tanks and hoppers of various shapes, volumes and destination;
  • Flues and pipes;
  • Columns of any of the constructive solutions and the required cross-sections;
  • The monorail and the braking device for the suspended transport;
  • Metal structures for bridge building;
  • Mast for the installation of lighting equipment;
  • The beam is welded in the range;
  • Struts and ties in trusses and columns;
  • Secondary trusses, rafters for the frames object, with spans ≤ 90 m and the like.

This article is prepared by experts Novomoskovsk ZMK. If you still have questions or doubts about the choice of the enterprise in which you want to place the order, we are always available and willing to provide detailed information on any