Manicure Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala was worth $ 2000

Маникюр Джиджи Хадид на Met Gala стоил 2000 долларов

Gigi Hadid was charm itself at the Ball costume Institute Met Gala, which was held on Monday, may 2. The dress from Tommy Hilfiger is made of chiffon and sequins, the model did a matching manicure, which cost her $ 2,000.

Маникюр Джиджи Хадид на Met Gala стоил 2000 долларов
Met Gala – not a cheap pleasure. Expect celebrity fashion, hairstyle and make-up still a few months before the event itself. 21-year-old Hadid, who this evening had come with her boyfriend Zane Malik, was no exception, and I must say, her image was harmonious.

The author of the manicure is a well-known master (widely known in narrow circles) IDA Soul. To give the nail color metallic silver more overflow and the game world, the master planted under each crystals special treatment. Manicure Gigi finished metal rings.
I must say that Zane was consistent with Gigi. in a suit by Versace with iron sleeves, he looked like a superhero, breaking through the body of a simple mortal.

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