Маньяку, ранившему защитника Миранды Керр, предъявлено обвинение
The attacker can end a life in prison.

Маньяку, ранившему защитника Миранды Керр, предъявлено обвинение

Miranda Kerr


As it became known yesterday, the police
Los Angeles have formally charged a 29-year-old Australian Sean
Anthony Hayward — the man who wounded a knife
bodyguard 33-year-old model Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr. He was charged with three articles: the attempted
murder, serious bodily injury and assault with a deadly weapon. If the court finds the arrested guilty, he
faces substantial time in prison — up to life imprisonment.

The incident
for which Hayward was brought to trial, occurred on October 14 on-site
adjacent to the house Miranda Kerr in Malibu. Then Sean climbed over the fence,
the surrounding property of the model, and tried to get into the house. However, he was
stopped by the bodyguard to Miranda. But an uninvited guest suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed the security guard. After that expires
blood bodyguard found the strength to shoot three times in Hayward.

Neighbors who heard the shooting and promptly
called the police and an ambulance. Both the injured were taken to the hospital. They had
necessary assistance, after which Hayward was forwarded to the police
management. Yet it is not clear why Sean invaded
the estate models. Initially, the police suspected that he had intended
to get into the house for robbery. However, the Hayward claims that he was only trying to convey
Kerr is his “very personal letter.

House Miranda Kerr out in Malibu


Fortunately, at the time of the invasion, Miranda and her
5-year-old son Flynn (from her marriage to actor Orlando bloom) was not at home. It
at this time, was in Brentwood, in
the mansion of her boyfriend Evan Spiegel, on the engagement which Kerr announced
this summer.