Маньяка, охотившегося за Сандрой Буллок, выпустили из психлечебницы
The actress was in terrible danger.

Sandra Bullock


Sandra bullock was
in a threatening situation. The fact that Joshua Corbett, the man who
who three years ago broke into the house of the actress with the intent to rape her, was
released from a psychiatric hospital, according tmz.com.

From a formal point of view,
everything was done correctly. At the time the court found him mentally ill. Joshua was prescribed a course of compulsory treatment at the clinic
which he was held. Examined him the doctors came to the conclusion that he
ready to be released.

Upon learning of the release
his pursuer, a 52-year-old Sandra again appealed to the court. She stated that she felt
themselves in terrible danger. But all that I could do for her, the law enforcement agencies is to replace
temporary prohibition to approach the actress closer than 180 meters, new,
the action of which is extended until 2022. However, it is doubtful that such
the document will keep a mentally ill person, “looped” Sandra from
attempts again to break into her house.

Bullock is still not
can without horror remember that summer night of 2014, when after midnight on
the threshold of her bedroom appeared a strange man. She managed to run out in the adjacent
bedroom bathroom where I closed and called 911. When the cops arrived
the challenge, he had the audacity to seek protection from …Sandra! It
shouted that he loves her and she belongs to him, as “his wife
before God.” And yet — that will never stop thinking about her.

by the way, not just a harmless eccentric. At his home police found
an Arsenal of weapons. And everywhere – clippings press photos Sandra. Just like in thrillers about maniacs…