Менеджмент Робби Уильямса поймали на перепродаже билетов

A huge scandal is brewing around the name of British singer Robbie Williams and his future tour Heavy Entertainment tour. As reported by the BBC, the management contractor is involved in the resale of tickets.

Journalist Victoria Derbyshire says that the tickets posted on the websites Seatwave and Get Me In the people close to the company Ie:Music, connected with management of Williams. Their cost is 56 pounds more expensive than the official ticket offices. So, in the performance of Robbie at the city of Manchester stadium, scheduled for June 2, 2017 it was possible to purchase the tickets cost 95 pounds, but on the secondary market site Get Me In their price starts from 160.
“The seller of the ticket is the event or person who acts on behalf of the organizer of the event” — stated in the notes to the ticket, this means that dealers are the organizers, who decided to increase their arriving in this way. It is not surprising that the public uproar surrounding this story.
“I think Robbie Williams is not in the financial category to do this for two or three extra pounds. Obviously, someone from his management is acting on its behalf” — stood up to protect Robbie, his colleague Josh Franceschi.
It is noteworthy that Ie:Music was among the companies that in 2015, opposed the resale of tickets, and initiated the signing of the appropriate petition.
Tour Robbie Williams kicks off June 2 in Manchester, followed by shows in Southampton, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Coventry and finally at London’s Olympic Park on 23 June.