Мама Люба, давай! Успенская в неглиже

Chew chocolate? Look at the 62-year-old love of the assumption, and immediately run to the room!

It is a mistake to assume that only youth is beautiful. Every age has its advantages. And some stars have proved that the time can stop! Well, who, for example, will say that the assumption in ‘ 62? The singer looks so great that at my age can easily put your pictures in a swimsuit or in a homemade nightgown. You yourself now presented the grandmother’s vest? In vain. Lyubov Uspenskaya home runs in a sexy babydoll! Which decided to show all his fans.

“Already the party’s over, everybody, sweet dreams, signed the singer.

But the attention is drawn not only seductive silk underwear of the singer, but also a luxurious bust and absolutely smooth, without a wrinkle, the face! “Elegant woman,” said the fans. Some sarcastically said: “Oh grandmother.” I want to ask another question, are you sure that you will also look great in your 62 years? Yes looking at the assumption, I want to throw out of the refrigerator all the food and not to get out of the gym just to achieve the same result!

And by the way, the official status of a grandmother’s love assumption yet, her daughter Tatiana still not pleased with the star mother grandchildren.

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