Malinovskaya went back to the image that brought her fame

Малиновская вернулась к имиджу, принесшему ей славу
Change in the appearance leading pleased her fans.


2 days.

Малиновская вернулась к имиджу, принесшему ей славу

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Masha Malinovskaya went back to this familiar and favorite it
fans the image is a platinum blonde. Prior to that, she appeared on
events with dark hair color, which looked completely different. A
believed that a brunette 36-year-old presenter looks much older than his
the biological age.

Recently, the star published a short video where
posing with the master and light curls. This image came to taste
subscribers microblog personal Machine. Moreover, Malinovskaya a bit
corrected the line of the lips — they declined and now look natural. “Hurrah!
Our Mary back! Masha is now the same. What beautiful lips! “Finally to
we returned the same Mary with the Muse!” — they admired.

By the way, now I see the resemblance to the Director with his son Miron
not only evident when viewing childhood photos of the artist. Recall
some time ago she published a collage of your childhood pictures and
photo Myron. “Guess where I am, where’s Myron?” — she signed the publication. And if
the photo quality was the same, it is unlikely to be members of Malinovsky could
right where someone. But the boy’s father of Eastern blood, which are usually so
strong that they completely drown out Slavic roots.