Malinovskaya fears for his life

Малиновская опасается за свою жизнь

The TV presenter made it clear that he feared reprisals from her former husband, Denis Davitashvili.

The crisis in the country has touched all. The stars of show business were not the exception. For example, how bad was the TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya. So much so that gorgeous blonde does not hesitate to declare it openly.

In secular circles we all know that Mary’s in love just never have been. His son Myron, she gave birth to a businessman whose name has long concealed. The man was married and didn’t plan to have kids on the side, so when I learned about the baby, quickly gathered his things and left.

The name of the child, however, Mary long concealed. But on one of the social events it has, nevertheless, been solved…

“I am shocked by the fact that Mary raises her son alone. Father Myron – crime boss Makhno, but apparently the concept in this world has changed, if such a person refused son,” said presenter Lera Kudryavtseva.

After Malinovskaya went on to marry Denis Davitashvili who tried to take beloved son, as his own and even adopted a boy, but it had not worked. Two years ago the couple divorced. Masha again began to raise Miron one, not tired to remind the others how strong she is a woman.

Malinovskaya, and the truth, courageously endured the hardships of life. But today it became known that to cope with the problems one she is no longer able. Presenter urgently needed money, so she was forced to seek help from her ex-husband Denis.

Maria suggested the ex-husband to buy her a car. The funds she planned to spend on the treatment of mom and child. However, Davitashvili not embrace the problems of the former wife.

After unsuccessful negotiations in Instagram Malinovskaya appeared two disturbing post that seriously made jittery fans. In one report, in particular, Mary asked me to help her with the search of a lawyer for litigation with the former husband for alimony.

“Looking for a lawyer! Post a message to the media. My ex-husband Cavitatile Denis Aleksandrovich. For 4.5 years does not pay child-support payment, and in addition refuses to give me the permission to export of the son abroad on holiday. I’ve never had any complaints, but my patience came to an end. 4.5 years he was hiding, changed her name, and I’m ready to give all my information to the lawyer who’ll take the job”.

In another message Malinovskaya released photos and the name of ex-spouse, and also expressed their concern about their own safety.

“Here he is the “hero” of my novel! Not long ago, Davitashvili Denis Aleksandrovich. If me, my son or mother that be to happen (assault, kidnapping, death)… the Customer of any possible accidents may be only one person! Spirkov Denis,” wrote Maria.

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