Малиновская о пластике: «Один сосок в бюстгальтере, другой смотрит на подборок» The presenter came to the Studio of the program “the Secret to a million.” Malinovskaya said Lera Kudryavtseva how survived the death of the grandmother coped with the betrayal of ex-lovers. Mary will also touch on the delicate subject of plastic surgery.

This Saturday the guest of the program “million dollar Secret” will be one of the brightest leading – extravagant blonde Masha Malinovskaya.

A celebrity in the air will meet with two blood sisters and brother. Mary will explain why I didn’t want to communicate with relatives. The media personality reveals the secret of his childhood. She remembers the reason for the divorce of her parents and lives with his grandmother. With tears in his eyes Malinovskaya tells about the death of my grandmother. “When she returned from the store… she was hit by a truck”, – share Masha. Malinovskaya and tell about the current relationship with the mother. In the Studio of Mary Frank is going to talk to my father, which will require the answers to uncomfortable and challenging questions.

“Dad I have a loving man, threw his seed everywhere. He is a good man but a bad father” – categorical Masha.

Presenter admits how hard it is to raise a son Myron one. The boy’s father does not help them anything. From the Hill there were times when she could not find work. Masha poprosit Leroux, to help her meet a decent man. “How to introduce me to your friends husband?! Hockey Player Makarov!” says Malinowska in the Studio talk show.

Masha dispel the myth that her personal life always been smooth. Presenter will share details of failed relationships. “What pants I got the same from him and I went,” remembers the leader. Also Mary first talk about the problems with the law. During the program, you find that famous blondes have a criminal record.

Another leading frankly, how did the plastic surgery. After which several times nearly killed and disfigured his body.

“One nipple was in my bra, the other almost in the chin I watched. Trash!” says Malinovskaya.