Malinin spoke about long-term conflict with his wife

Малинин высказался о многолетнем конфликте с женой In April, Alexander Malinin has filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity against the former wife Olga Zarubina. On a press-conferences the singer reluctantly commented on a scandalous situation.
Малинин высказался о многолетнем конфликте с женой

Alexander Malinin and Olga Zarubina officially divorced more than thirty years ago, but their mutual claims are not exhausted to this day. First, the former wife of the actor accused him of indifference to their common daughter, and then suspected that it was because of father 32-year-old Cyrus does not communicate with the mother and even tried to commit suicide.

Until recently, Malinin tried not to comment on the relationship with his ex-wife, but Olga was much more sociable. She often visited the talk show and shared his revelations. In the end, a popular performer of songs has filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity against the former beloved watering it with dirt.

Alexander Malinin has filed a lawsuit against ex-wife

On one of recent a press-conferences Malinin reluctantly commented on the situation. He noted that he does not want to discuss the conflict with Zarubina, preferring to talk about the work.

“To be honest, I would not like this topic at all to comment on, because it has no relation to art or to creativity, it’s just dirty,” said 59-year-old].
Малинин высказался о многолетнем конфликте с женой

Earlier Olga Zarubina reported that the ex-husband wants to get away from it one million roubles, considering it sufficient compensation for insulting his honor and dignity. However, the ex-wife Malinin intends to sue him, because during the many broadcasts she tried to speak only the truth.

Recall that Zarubin together with the daughter of Malinin Kira moved to the United States in 1991. The education of the successor of the popular artist did the second husband of Olga Vladimir Evdokimov.

Alexander himself did not attempt to see my daughter. As a result, their meeting took place only in 2011, after which Kira practically ceased to communicate with his mother.

After six years in the program “Let speak” the 32-year-old girl said that she changed completely after the long-awaited meeting with the Pope.

“When I met with my dad, my world turned upside down. I was hiding, I didn’t know what to think about what happened. Only now I realize how it has affected and changed me. I need help, but not from mom. I don’t want her worried about me. I’m offended by the fact that since dad didn’t try more to see. He destroyed me that did. To grow up without a father is very difficult. It needs to communicate, he is responsible for to be in my life,” said Kira in 2017.

By the way, the family Zarubina is now experiencing not the best period. In early June, the 59-year-old singer’s mother died. Despite the grief, the artist has to attend court hearings on the lawsuit from her ex-husband.

Mother died Olga Zarubina

Communicating with, Malinin did not explain where he will spend a million roubles in case of winning in court. Journalists suggested that the money Alexander will be able to help her daughter Kira, or you can record a new album. However, he refused to answer further questions related to the scandal.