Малия Обама курила марихуану

The daughter of the current President of the United States of America Barack Obama Malia excelled at a party. In fact, the girl didn’t do anything to set them apart from most other American teenagers, but when you’re the daughter of the leader of the country, it is necessary to look at both and behave diligently. Eyewitnesses claim that Malia is Berikovna allowed himself a pothead, and sources confirm this.

Малия Обама курила марихуану
Last month, the President’s daughter did not go to the democratic Convention, which was made by her father. Instead, she and her friends went to the music festival Lollapalooza in Chicago. Earlier in the Network has already appeared video, which Malia dancing to twerk, but now a “good man” sent to the editors of RadarOnline video where Malia smokes weed.

Малия Обама курила марихуану
There was even a witness eighteen Jardin Selwyn, confirming that Malia had used cannabis.
“I saw Malia smokes pot and I have a photo to prove it. Some young people gave her a joint and she refused. I smelled marijuana, so it’s safe to say – it wasn’t just the cigarettes.” — snitched Selwyn.

But Barack certainly wouldn’t be surprised. The father puffed like a locomotive, in high school. Moreover, he was even in the local community “Chum Geng” (the Choom Gang, Choom – marijuana in the local dialect). Barack has never hidden this fact and even mentioned it in his biography, adding that he considers marijuana less harmful than alcohol. I wonder what he’ll say now when it comes to his child.

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