Малахов опубликовал фото с молодой Стриженовой на частной вечеринке
The presenter called the girlfriend “role model”.

Andrei Malakhov and Catherine Strizhenova

Photo: @malakhov007 Instagram Andrey Malakhov

Catherine Strizhenovoj yesterday was 50 years. On this occasion, Andrey Malakhov, digging in the archives found a rare photo with the birthday girl. The presenter kept home unique images, as, for example, the one that he used for greetings Catherine. The frame was made over 20 years ago at a private party organized by Malakhov.

“Dear Catherine, this photo 21. My housewarming in Moscow. My first Metropolitan house party (#the list ). Still to come: we are happy, young and carefree. You have then a real star and role model. Am glad that after all these years you’re still the same bright and good Katyusha, how much we appreciate you and love… happy anniversary! ( I can’t believe this number)” — honestly, Andrew.

Not so long ago, by the way, Catherine celebrated no less important date: the wedding day leading the First channel has passed 30 years. Pearl wedding Strizhenov was celebrated with a trip to Shanghai. It is possible that your birthday Catherine also note: leave for a romantic trip with my husband. By the way, ahead of star family awaits the celebration of another anniversary. This year, the eldest daughter of Catherine and Alexandra Anastasia is 30 years old.