МакSим была замечена на свидании с известным телеведущим The actress was photographed strolling the handle with Vijay Chuikov. The young man cared about the singer Maksim, treated her ice cream and fruit. The couple left Soho Country club on the same machine.

      МакSим была замечена на свидании с известным телеведущим

      In Moscow Soho Country club you can often meet the children from the urban bustle of the stars. There had spotted the singer Maksim in the company of a famous TV host and VJ Ivan Chuikov.

      Couple, holding hands, walking in the Park, about something with enthusiasm talked, took pictures on the background of nature. Eyewitnesses noticed that John was watching the Marina (real name artist – approx. ed.) even for a minute was watching the girls eyes, helped her down the stairs, gallantly opened the door of the cafe. The restaurant on site and Maksim Chuikov spent about half an hour.

      МакSим была замечена на свидании с известным телеведущим“I don’t want to comment on his personal life,” – said the singer to the question “StarHit” about his relationship with Chuikov.
      МакSим была замечена на свидании с известным телеведущим

      Ivan, in the opinion of many glossy magazines, is considered one of the eligible bachelors of Russia. Lately Maksim securely hiding personal life from prying eyes. The singer has two daughters – seven-year old Alexander and Mary. The actress is very attached to his heirs.

      “Of course, I madly miss you, even when you leave for rehearsal for a few hours. On the phone connection constantly. But I can’t say that you worry too much: I absolutely trust my assistants. And I understand that it is not necessary to become hysterical mother who does not depart from the crib and blows baby dust. And nothing happens,” the singer told “StarHit”.

      To cope with the kids Maksim help assistant, which next to it has for a long time. The artist completely trusts the nurse and considers her his girlfriend. Also involved in the education of Alexandra and Mary and the family of the artist.

      “Mom and dad live in Kazan, I have come to visit us. My mum all life worked the teacher, the children are her life, she was terribly misses her granddaughters. Given that our dad that she became a public person, yet you don’t decide, we even have pictures of them to send. To see granddaughter, the grandparents are the only way to come to visit. Bring a bunch of baby things – sliders, caps, toys… Some just do not! Over the crib u mashenki hanging musical rattles – she is already trying to grab something to push. Interested in everything! In a month he learned to roll over, it is very early for this age! So I think that is growing clever girl,” said the singer.

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