MakSim told why she decided to fight addiction addiction.

MakSim told why she decided to fight addiction Worth it to say that her fans suspected this after a series of disrupted concerts, but earlier the artist spoke about the presence of health problems due to which she could not perform.

MakSim told why she decided to fight addiction

Recently, MakSim underwent treatment in one of the elite Moscow clinics, hoping to say goodbye to addiction.

“It's such an illusion that now you are worried about something, a lot of problems have piled up, but you will drink and at least only tomorrow you will return to them. And tomorrow the problem grows twice, it is already much more difficult to solve it. at some point, the question arises in front of you – are you ready to lose it? In a state of intoxication, a person does not perceive his reactions very adequately. And it seems so easy to say – fuck it all! And so everything gradually disappears – family, work , communication, friends, even parents eventually turn away. You are left all alone. I realized that I could lose everything, “said the singer.

She said that she was in clinics with popular people whose situation was even worse. Father MakSim once also abused alcohol, but he got rid of this addiction many years ago and now helps his daughter with advice.

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