Maksim leaves the stage due to health problems

МакSим уходит со сцены из-за проблем со здоровьем The singer has taken an indefinite sabbatical. Goodbye Mack decided to make a gift to all fans – soon, it will present the new clip. Now all the free time the artist will regain strength and be around children.
МакSим уходит со сцены из-за проблем со здоровьем

Maksim after twelve years of creative work goes into indefinite leave. The reason was health problems of the artist, which do not allow her to continue to tour and perform. The singer says goodbye to the audience forever — after recovery, she intends to create.

Due to the deterioration of health, Maksim had to cancel scheduled concerts in several Russian cities, also she was unable to attend the festival fans FIFA on the Sparrow hills, and to attend the annual meeting with the fans in his birthday.

Representatives of the actress has not yet commented on her condition, but claim that the reason for strong concern. It is not excluded that in the future, Mack will appear before the public in a new way. Specify the exact dates back on the scene, however, is not possible.

МакSим уходит со сцены из-за проблем со здоровьем

Appeared time the singer also plans to devote daughters – nine-year-old Alexander and three year old Mary.

Before going on an indefinite sabbatical Maksim prepares a gift to all who appreciate her work presents the video for the song “Here and now”, which will be released in the near future. It shows a true love story ending with a happy ending. Starring starred real couple — Yevgeny Zhuk and Nastya Belochkina. According to the concept of the video, Maksim plays a third party role for the observer. By the way, Eugene has previously worked with the actress — starred in the video for her song “How to fly”.

Recently the actress admitted to “StarHit” he wants to go back to Altai. She remained impressed by the beauty of nature. It is possible that it will find the time to carry out their plans. “Went there a few years ago, these mountains cannot be compared with any other. The beauty is incredible. Miss. In General, I love to travel to Russia, I love active, extreme rest”, – said the singer. Mack: “Dream to hear from a loved one: “Wanna have your baby”