Maksim hinted at a painful breakup with a lover

МакSим намекнула на болезненное расставание с избранником The singer admitted that she is now extremely difficult period. According to Maksim, she prefers to share her emotions in the songs. Very soon, the singer is planning to release a new album based on events in her personal life.

Singer Maksim is not one of those celebrities who often makes a candid confession. The singer rarely gives interviews and goes out, but recently she made an exception and told about the creative plans, personal life and much more.

Correspondents have decided to learn from Maksim, if she had a turning point when I wanted to forget the past and start life with a clean slate. The artist answered this question in the affirmative.

“I now have a tipping point. It is associated with personal life, – shared the artist. – Of course, there were moments as a creative career. I’ve been working as a low-budget artist. I know I need to develop. At one point I was going to go to work in another field. My education and erudition allow me to buy a different profession, but I was looking at my closet and realized that this will not get me to work in the office.”

According to the singer, she is preparing to hit fans with new compositions. Speaking about his songs, Maksim hinted that a turning point in her life is associated with painful relationship with the chosen one. Apparently, the singer decided to part ways with the second half and get rid of the memories of the past.

“Today worked on a new song “It”. I have such names in the album are “Fool” and the like. They are a little sad, but at the same time easy-going and cheerful. They just did about a defining moment that some patients need to change,” said star.

Journalists noticed that in the last time Maksim not so frequently as before. Once the singer regularly went on tours and gave 30 concerts a month. The artist and her team were flights every day. The result is Maksim was very tired. At some point, the singer realized that he needed to change his schedule.

Now the actress tries to spend more time with children. Mack says he wants to be a good mother and it does not cease to delight fans with their creativity. In the nearest plans of the stars, a new album. “Often I am asked why so rarely go songs. Because I wrote them too candid,” said the singer. In recognition Maksim, sometimes close people specifically ask her not to release a particular song, because “there are too many said,” writes