Maksim has become a victim of fraud close friends

МакSим стала жертвой обмана близких друзей The singer told how hard she had moved from Kazan to Moscow. She remembered that she initially did not believe in your success. She was overwhelmed by fears and doubts about the future of the profession. Arriving in the capital, the girl planned to stay with friends, but they suddenly disappeared.

      The singer Maksim thousands of fans in different countries and cities who closely follow her work. For a pretty image of the performer hides a strong and determined nature. It turned out that she endured a lot before it became really popular artist. Not having contacts in show business, she’s out of Kazan to the Russian capital. Parents of the future celebrity was very worried for her, when she said the daughter to Moscow. The star herself had no idea what she will face.

      Singer Maksim devoted fans in the their secrets

      Once in the Russian capital, the first thing Mack was going to stay with friends. They promised that they will be able to help her with housing until she’s obustroena in Moscow. To the disappointment of the girl, these plans were not destined to be fulfilled.

      “Friends, who gave me an address in Moscow, had disappeared, and a few nights I had to spend the night at the station, running from the police in the dumplings, not arrested. The path to the top was heavier than I expected,” admitted the singer.

      The actress recalls that her parents worried for her, so he put her in the way a jar of jam. They feared that their successor will starve. “I barely got to the Bank from the station to the subway, and me dragging the bloody sweet track is my first memory of the city”, – said the artist. When it came time to meet with potential producers, Maksim caught up with disappointment. Almost all the musical centers, it was refused. Nobody wanted to take the stars seriously.

      According to the memoirs of celebrity, most people claimed she looked like a teenager. Because of this, it was really hard. The singer seemed gave up looking, suddenly she received an offer of cooperation.

      “There were a lot of failures. First, I looked like a baby, and I didn’t take seriously. So I had to run. for some reason I felt that I was here will be welcomed with open arms, and I was even on the threshold of the music companies were not allowed, thought the girl. Looked like I really 12. It all started when I managed to transfer recording to Gala Records, and I finally noticed,” shared the celebrity.

      Mack is proud that all this time she never cooperated with the producers, and to develop their musical career on their own. She believes that she has time for family and for work. A young woman writes lyrics, drawing ideas from its surrounding objects. “You can be inspired looking at the sea or the sun. Or sitting around the fireplace at the cottage. Always with me the notebook where I write down different ideas and thoughts,” said the singer to the edition “Moscow today”.

      The artist says that he missed the moment when fame suddenly came to her. From the absolute lack of money to national callings too little time has passed, so she finds that she may develop the illness star. At the initial stage of his career, the singer gave 30 concerts a month, with time the need for it anymore and she has learned to plan their schedule. Indeed, in recent years it is the responsibility of two children – eight-year-old Alexander and two-year Mary.