Maksakova told about the claims Turina to Voronenkov

Максакова рассказала о претензиях Тюрина к Вороненкову The singer got in touch with the studios “program Andrey Malakhov. Live” to Express their point of view on the recent high-profile events. Maria Maksakova, commented on the findings, which came in the Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine.
Максакова рассказала о претензиях Тюрина к Вороненкову

A new edition of the program of the channel “Russia 1” “Andrey Malakhov. Live” was devoted to results of investigation into the death of Denis Boronenkov that was released by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. According to investigators, the actual customer of murder of a politician was the former husband of Maria Maksakova, Vladimir Tyurin.

Maksakova explained why not take the children.

Meanwhile, the lawyer Sergei Belyak, who previously represented the interests of men, said that he denies such suspicions are nonsense. She Maksakova sure that Tyurin could not decide on a crime, and carried out the order. On Tuesday, the singer agreed to get in touch with a talk show of Andrei Malakhov, to share his version of events.

In the beginning of the program in the Studio discussed the results of the investigation. Earlier, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine suggested that the son of Vladimir Tyurin, Dmitry probably was looking for the perpetrators of the murder of Denis Boronenkov. The analyst Maxim Yali does not exclude that this version was the place to be.

Максакова рассказала о претензиях Тюрина к Вороненкову “Of course, it is a great success, because such murders are extremely hard to solve. The evidence which was presented, of course, are very important, but it should be decided by the court. As a son of Vladimir Tyurin is involved, I don’t know. Perhaps this was done deliberately to show that it is a personal motive, and the real customers stay aside,” – said the expert.
Максакова рассказала о претензиях Тюрина к Вороненкову

Producer Valery Sergeev one of the first expressed the theory that the crime may have involved the former husband of Maria Maksakova. “But in cold blood he would not be able to go and would have substituted his son. However, I have a question. How could it happen that Maria Maksakova brother and son of Vladimir Tyurin traveled to Italy? Don’t you find it strange?” – said Sergeyev. In the opinion of men, the ex-spouse Maksakova could supposedly give her the money.

Then to discuss a recent resonant events were joined by Maria Maksakova, who is now in Kiev. The singer stressed that he agreed with the conclusions of the investigation. However, she does not think that Tyurin could decide on the crime for personal reasons. According to Maksakova, her ex-husband know people, pursuing Boronenkov.

The trials of life Lyudmila Maksakova: support son and the conflict with her daughter

Максакова рассказала о претензиях Тюрина к Вороненкову “Since I reconnected with my mother, I want to say that neither I nor my mother any producer Sergeeva don’t know. This man is an impostor, we are not familiar with it.(…) What you think of conjectures, proved by the investigation and sent to court. What you want to whitewash, or in any interests he acted is another fact. Of course, he had no personal motive, rather it was because he hated me and my future personal life. He hated Dennis, because he was Professor, doctor of Sciences. Of course, it was hard for him to be in constant comparison with man, in all his superior” she said.
Максакова рассказала о претензиях Тюрина к Вороненкову

Maksakova noted that in the last few months of her life were like “psychological hell.” According to the singer, Tyurin took away her older children.

“His personality I do not care, it only makes me disgusted. Me is sad, because they will be the rest of their lives to point fingers. And I doubt that my reputation will be enough that my children didn’t bear the burden of reputational losses,” – said the artist.

A former investigator for particularly important cases of Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Sharkevich reported that the Russian Constitution forbids the extradition of a Russian citizens “in any case”. “If Ukraine will provide irrefutable evidence of the guilt of Turin and the Russian law enforcement agencies feel that they deserve attention, the case against Turin can be considered in a Russian court,” – said the expert.

According to one of the guests in the Studio, Maria Maksakova was an agreement with Vladimir Tyurin that it will not issue a family matter in public. However, the actress denied the rumors.

Максакова рассказала о претензиях Тюрина к Вороненкову “Why do people talk about things that can not know? The first time I hear about some agreements with the Turin. I’m with him with great difficulty broke up almost 10 years ago and hear about this. Of course, I raised my kids, in its sole discretion and taught them to play musical instruments, developed as she could, but his part was for me the most painful. Neither the Turin nor his kids I hate to meet. In Italy I performed at a concert”, – shared the singer.
Максакова рассказала о претензиях Тюрина к Вороненкову

Radio host Alla Dovlatova turned to Maria Maksakova. “I’m glad you started again to communicate with my mom. I believe that jealousy can be a motive for the crime. I really believe it, but I don’t know.” – spoken by a woman. “He’s a scary man,” replied the Opera singer Dovlatova.

The newscast showed footage of performances heirs Maksakova in the Crimea. Then the daughter of actress Lyudmila read a poem about dad. Presenter Andrey Malakhov asked what feelings she’s watching the tapes. Maria noted that it has taught Illya and Ludmilla.

Grown-up children of Maria Maksakova made a splash on the scene

Максакова рассказала о претензиях Тюрина к Вороненкову “I have very long and extensively worked with children. Of course, I have a lot invested in them, and if I loved them less, it would have gone much earlier,” said the singer.

At the end of the transmission appeared honored artist of Russia Stanislav Sadalsky. “Masha, that’s just amazing. You say that your husband is a bright man, and the other is a fiend. Why don’t you ask the children from him severed?” – said the actor. “I regularly say that they lived with me. Only in this case they won’t live with him,” said Maksakova.

In defense of the singer spoke psychologist Anna Iotko. “I completely agree that Mary is confused. The cynicism of life, there are probably visible in the fact that the living often are responsible for mistakes than the dead. Maria is trying to get out of this situation… Live women with tyrants and sometimes forced, unfortunately, to leave the children. It happens. And not only Maria, but half of our country, and other famous people. This does not mean that it is inhuman and horrible, or a traitor. I can tell you that today she is a confused woman”, – the expert believes.

Максакова рассказала о претензиях Тюрина к Вороненкову