Maksakova has spoken out about his alleged mistress Boronenkov

Максакова высказалась о предполагаемой любовнице Вороненкова The singer commented on a TV show with Alexandra Avramenko. The girl said that he had met with Denis by Voronenkova in that moment, when he was in a relationship with Maria Maksakova. Opera diva accused Alexander of libel.
Максакова высказалась о предполагаемой любовнице Вороненкова

Recently 19-year-old Alexander Avramenko, who calls herself a mistress of the deceased ex-Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov, took part in the filming of “actually”. According to the girl, the man met her at a time when he was married to Maria Maksakova. Roman Avramenko and Boronenkov allegedly lasted about a month.

The alleged mistress Boronenkov wanted to steal him from Maksakova for the money

Reporters found against Maria Maksakova to the sensational statement of the character of the transmission. The Opera singer is convinced that Alexandra is cheating the public. According to singer, Avramenko purposely slandered Boronenkov.

“As for this lady, it is obvious that if the stars are lit, it’s useful for someone. There is such a thing as a distraction in the waste facility. When it’s some other kind of thing, I understand people like they are having fun. But the man dead, he lies in the cemetery. It would be nice to dot the I, but who would allow…” – says Maria Maksakova.
Максакова высказалась о предполагаемой любовнице Вороненкова

The singer has also expressed doubts about the authenticity of the examination program Dmitry Shepelev. According to Maria, a real polygraph test is different. Star believes that the draft main show.

“To respond to this nonsense is ridiculous. As a person with a legal background, I have an idea on how to pass the real test on the polygraph. (…) What you do on the program Shepeleva is ridiculous. I just a shame that the audience unknowingly accept their polygraph so seriously. On the fence you write something, you’ll believe it? It is not the expertise, this show is a circus”, said the artist.
Максакова высказалась о предполагаемой любовнице Вороненкова

During the conversation with reporters Maria Maksakova told about how one has to be checked on the lie detector in real life. According to the artist, she knows what it is, because he received a legal education. In 2002 Maria graduated from a specialised Institute and have worked as a paralegal. Maksakova said that the test should take place in an environment where no one except the polygraph test.

“All of this lasts with the voluntary consent of both and not one hour. Then the examiner writes a few days expert opinion,” added Maria.

In addition, Maksakova commented on the decision of Ksenia Sobchak to run for President of Russia. Maria stated that is a good relationship with the presenter and considers her an intellectual person. However, some time ago, Sobchak spoke strongly against the situation in which turned out to be an Opera singer. At first, the actions of Xenia was incomprehensible to Mary, but after the actress found out the details of the political position of the stars of TV, then decided to support it, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.