Maksakova explained why not take the children.

Максакова объяснила, почему не забирает детей у Тюрина The singer spoke about the relationship with the former spouse, whom the Prosecutor General of Ukraine called the customer of murder of Denis Boronenkov. Maria Maksakova said that often clashed with Vladimir Tyurin. According to the artist, sometimes she heard men threats.
Максакова объяснила, почему не забирает детей у Тюрина

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine has completed the investigation of the death of the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov. The actual organizer of the crime called the ex-spouse of Maria Maksakova, Vladimir Tyurin, who is now in Russia. The man brings the older children Opera singer. In her opinion, he decided to kill not for personal reasons, and carried out the order.

“It’s a shock and a personal tragedy”: the reaction Maksakova on the murder Boronenkov

Recently, Maria Maksakova told about the reaction Turina murder Boronenkov. Maksakova said that the ex-husband brought her condolences. According to the artist, in conversation he was sincere. In the past Maksakova and Tyurin has not always found a common language, especially when it came to raising children.

Maksakova told about the claims Turina to Voronenkov

“With the Turin I told you a few days after the murder Boronenkov. He was terribly sympathetic. Called me himself. At that time my mind could not come, that he is somehow involved in this. In General, our communication with him was wearing a conflicting character. We talked about parenting that we have diametrically opposed views. Periodically, he has a lot of threats, but it said I didn’t pay attention,” recalls Maria.
Максакова объяснила, почему не забирает детей у Тюрина

According to the singer, she never called the first ex-husband. “Tyurin nothing to me,” said the artist. Vladimir and Maria have not formalized the relationship, living in a civil marriage. The singer has repeatedly talked about how he regretted his Association with the Turin and called it a fatal mistake.

Maksakova also explained to reporters, why not takes Illya and Ludmilla’s father. According to the singer, she doesn’t want to go against their will.

“Both children are now with him. But then you need that they expressed reluctance to live with him or, in the case involving Turin to justice, I will be able to take the children to themselves”, – said the singer.

Grown-up children of Maria Maksakova made a splash on the scene

During the conversation with journalists Maria Maksakova said that the results of the investigation to her. The actress said that the perpetrators of the crime should be punished, writes the edition “Gordon”.

Recall that yesterday a briefing was held where the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko reported about the results of the investigation into the murder of Denis Boronenkov. He said that the case will be transferred to the court. According to Lutsenko, managed to identify “all the participants of the criminal group, including customers, organizers and performers involved in” to the illegal act.

At the same time, the lawyer Sergei Belyak, who previously represented the interests of Vladimir Turina, has stated that he denies the accusations and considers them nonsense. According to the lawyer, the ex-spouse Maksakova never had common Affairs and Voronenkova and did not let his relationship with the singer.