Maksakova and ex-wife Boronenkov attributed to a long friendship

Максаковой и экс-жене Вороненкова приписали давнюю дружбу An unexpected statement was made in a live TV show “live”. According to insiders, Maria Maksakova supposedly maintained good relations with Julia Vorontcovo. This was stated by the assistant of the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Nizhny Novgorod region Evgeny Pyhonin.
Максаковой и экс-жене Вороненкова приписали давнюю дружбу

Recently, the widow of the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov caught his ex-wife Julia of greed. Maria Maksakova quite sharply spoke about his ex-lover, with whom he lived for about eighteen years. The singer was outraged by the behavior of Yulia who was going to write Boronenkov from the apartment a few days before his death.

Maria Maksakova rebuffed the ex-wife of Denis Boronenkov

The second of may in the programme “live” dismantled the relationship between the two women, who now claim the inheritance. An unexpected statement was made by the assistant of the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Nizhny Novgorod region Evgeny Pyhonin. According to him, during the life of Denis Boronenkov Maria and Julia supposedly did not conflict with each other. Statement Pyhonin surprised the guests in the Studio. Some of them took his words with skepticism.

“I saw Maria Petrovna spoke about Yulia. But I have information from an absolutely reliable source that Maria and Julia had been friends, and for a long time. They were in a good relationship. Honestly, I’m surprised… Judging by the reaction in the Studio, their friendship doesn’t have a clue. I think they had an agreement, because Boronenkov has been a large amount of debt,” said Eugene.
Максаковой и экс-жене Вороненкова приписали давнюю дружбу

His version of the events is also shared producer of the festival “Kinotavr” mark Rudinstein. In his opinion, Boronenkov, being involved in criminal activity, could ostensibly under pressure to write down the property to the previous wife. “And now we can expect all the bandits she will overcome. It is not very troublesome, there are plenty of similar stories. She’ll threaten to put in place,” suggests Rudinstein.

In the program also spoke about Yulia. “She was from an ordinary family, they lived in Ryazan in an apartment. The wedding of Julia and Denis was held in April 1997, as I recall. Julia was not in a very good relationship,” recalled Roman Sapunov, a neighbor and friend of a political figure at that time.

Максаковой и экс-жене Вороненкова приписали давнюю дружбу

According to men, Boronenkov had another mistress, who gave him a daughter, Catherine. “The first wife of Denis’s name was Svetlana. She is originally from Belarus, they had a daughter, her name is Katerina,” said Sapunov. The novel argues that a political figure supposedly once used physical violence to his wife. However Sapunov does not know what caused the end of their relationship.

“Everything was fast-paced, we can only guess about why they broke up. Few days, there is Julia. 20 years ago it wasn’t the consistency that you want to attribute. She was an ordinary girl, absolutely in love with Denis. But he already knew where he was going. Denis was in the military Prosecutor’s office, he charmed the parents of Julia…” said Sapunov.

Immediately after the wedding, as told by the man, Boronenkov sold my apartment and the property of parents. By combining these funds, he decides to move to Moscow. According to Sapunov, the wife not so much cursed, as during his first marriage Boronenkov. “They had small conflicts, but this, as with the previous wife was not” – said Roman.

In turn, former employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Sharkevich told that Denis Boronenkov always tried to follow him. “He not only paid attention to the clothing but also the appearance,” said the man. As for the wife of a politician in that period Julia seemed to be a very quiet woman who tried not to delve into the case of her husband.