Makim hard to lose weight by summer

МакSим усиленно худеет к лету In anticipation of the hot season, the singer started to perform in the gym. In its plans — to lose at least a few extra pounds. However, fans Makim do not share the Hobbies of the stars.

      МакSим усиленно худеет к лету

      32-year-old singer Makem — the owner of a slim, toned figure. When she was pregnant with her beautiful daughters, she gained a lot of extra pounds, but within a few months after giving birth the actress was able to return to all-star form. Fans of the star were amazed how quickly she lost the excess weight and came to almost the model parameters. According to some estimates, Mukim weighs less than 50 kilograms with an increase of 160 centimeters.

      However, the little artist that she is. The singer continues to exhaust yourself with workouts in the gym to achieve your ideal weight. Now that very soon will come summer, it is especially important. Many girls started preparing for the hot season, because I want to look perfect in the outdoor clothing. Makim recently wrote in his microblog: “When tomorrow day “x”, and you’re not XXS, but, damn, XXL”. The publication the singer was given the video, which sports a sweat.

      Video published by Marina Maksimova (@maksimartist) APR 12 2016 12:52 PDT

      Subscribers stars was seriously alarmed, and hastened to convince Makim that she’s very fragile. But if the singer begins to lose weight, then nothing good is not over. Then the artist will look extremely unhealthy. So no point in being active to lose weight, it does not. “You clearly underestimate yourself, Marin”, “Please don’t lose it, that’s enough”, “XXL – this is it”, “Where to lose weight?”, “You are skinny, Marinochka, XXL is still a lot of cakes need to eat, and to lose weight is not necessary, all gorgeous,” he expressed the emotions of the fans of the stars.

      Recall, Makim came on the scene after only a month after the second pregnancy. The singer said she has lost much weight in such a fantastic time thanks to constant physical exertion. She ran a lot in the Park, swam in the pool and worked in the gym to regain a slim figure. After some time after such a triumphant weight-loss artist dropped another eight pounds. Makim did it for the clip, in which she played the role of a ballerina. To get used to the image, the singer began to work at the Barre. In recognition Makim, training was given to her, she was cruel and demanding coaches. Eventually, Marina managed to not only learn dance steps, but also to become the owner of a figure of this ballet dancer.

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