Makeyeva swimwear buys to lose weight

Макеева покупает купальники, чтобы похудеть

The actress revealed the secret of harmony. It turns out that she keeps herself in tight rein in the summer to get involved in expensive swimwear.

How many ways to lose weight already knows the world, but this is a sophisticated method, probably, all hear for the first time. Anastasia Makeeva lose weight with swimwear. I think it’s impossible? And why not? Everyone has their own reasons to lose a few kilos. And by the way, clothing is not the worst motivation. Some girls even buy jeans a size smaller to have something to strive for. And Anastasia Makeeva purchased high-priced swimsuits that look just for a perfect body.

“Girls, I want to tell you how I keep myself in good physical shape? Say: before you leave always bought swimsuits, come to me the courier back home, I spend 2 month salary on this beauty. And thus going on a diet, – says the actress. — It happened today. Now choose which resort to go. What do you think of to celebrate the New year on the beach? Or is it snow? Share who where flying on vacation”.

Original way, isn’t it? But the thing that works. Fans of the actress praised her for her resourcefulness. Swimwear after all, such a tricky thing. This is not a best dress that can highlight where necessary and to hide something that is not necessary. In a swimsuit at least the piece, though, to separate all the flaws or extra pounds in mind. So you want to be the Queen of the beach – ready swimsuit in the winter. And then we really begin to prepare for the summer, when summer has come. But sometimes to go in the summer it can be among winter. But it needs to be prepared.