Макеева показала растяжку как у Волочковой

The actress showed a great side splits

Outrageous ballerina’s laurels do not give rest to its peers. Twine Volochkova is already a household name. From Kamchatka to Kaliningrad every Internet user Willy-nilly, yeah beheld spread like a wings of a stork legs Anastasia. As it turned out, not only is she from domestic celebrities have such impressive physiological capabilities.

Their achievements in the field of stretching showed Anastasia Makeeva. On his page in the social network actress posted a photo with one of the rehearsals. Dressed in sweatpants, a t-shirt and wool socks, the girl is sitting on top of the transverse twine and watched the process. “Peter, we’re rehearsing. More precisely, the guys rehearsing, and I watch,” signed by the Makeyev. Fans of the actress showered her with compliments: “What Restarick!”, “Wow!”. Apparently, such a high assessment of their own physical form is liked by the actress. However, in a hurry to warn her… Sparatoria – a contagious thing and mutating. Irregular hours, Makeev will start to upload photos of twine in a bathing suit, then comes the time of twine on the roof of the car, in flight, in the restaurant… and there to yachts nearby. But Bolivar the two Anastasias in the splits’t take it anymore. So leave, Anastasia, this patrimony Volochkova. She’s no equal. The ballerina says that he lives in splits: “I also lay out their vertical, parallel and horizontal splits whenever there is such an opportunity. I live in twine. If spiteful critics who write in my address, know what work lies behind my success, flowers and a banner… If they knew how difficult this stretch I got, then a lot would think about. All cosnotifycomm I try to block, some even answer in the same language.”