Делаем свой дом уютней — подвесные люстры в интерьере вашего жилья

For anybody not a secret that lighting can change the entire room. With well-chosen lighting, you can beat the room so that everyone around will be jealous. How to distribute lighting and to use lighting, we’ll talk further.

Делаем свой дом уютней — подвесные люстры в интерьере вашего жилья

Chandelier: the right choice — the key to success

The most popular among lighting devices at the moment are the chandeliers. Their diversity allows you to choose not only color but also form. The history of the chandelier goes back in the distant 16th century. It was then actively began to produce a crystal, which was very expensive. It is not surprising that a massive chandelier decorated palaces.
Nowadays they are made mainly of glass and crystal. But other materials are also used. There are several types of chandeliers, which are characterized by their design and method of use:

1. Pendant

In their design can be one, two, three or more shades that glow, together or in various combinations. Ceiling mounting is performed by means of strings, chains or special cord. Most diffusers use glass. But chandeliers modern styles can be cloth, plastic and other shades, which have the most incredible forms. The use of crystal still in demand. Crystal hanging devices are indicative of the high status and glamour.

Делаем свой дом уютней — подвесные люстры в интерьере вашего жилья

2. Ceiling

Ideal for rooms with small area, because they have the following features:

• compact dimensions (small canopy, often one which is directly under the ceiling);
• low level lighting (which does not matter for small spaces).

Most often, this option is well suited for bathrooms, balconies or hallways. But be prepared for the fact that you have to remove the entire design to replace the bulb.

3. Classic
Their design is most elegant and different style. It is characterized by shades that mimic real flowers. Most often they are made of glass and metal.

4. On the rod.

These models are a combination of the previous two options. Thanks to their versatility they look great regardless of design and size of the room. The lampshades are mounted on a rigid rod, which makes them reliable and quite stable. It is worth noting that the model on the rod are found in every style, so you can use it in all interiors. The only feature are fixed or telescopic rod (you can adjust the position).

In any case, the choice is yours. Currently, the most popular are the hanging chandeliers in the loft. And dwell on them.

Hanging chandeliers in the loft for a modern and bold interior

Делаем свой дом уютней — подвесные люстры в интерьере вашего жилья

Hanging chandeliers, loft-style look original and bold. These chandeliers often have a few lampshades made of glass. This style is a reflection of the freedom-loving and creative personality, prone to minimalism. But mandatory is the presence of good lighting.

If the room is large, you can use massive devices. In this case, the main element will be the hanging chandeliers that will give the maximum light. If there are no Windows or they are small, you can add interior with floor lamps or wall.

Lights in loft style combine elements from various eras bygone and modern. This makes them not only original, but also very individual.

If space allows, numerous chandeliers are easy to create separate zones that will have different functionality.

Делаем свой дом уютней — подвесные люстры в интерьере вашего жилья

The main feature of the chandeliers in this style is unusual appearance, which carries:

• abstract lines;
• original forms — perfect, natural elements etc.
• the identity of the forms of additional devices and the main lamp.

Especially nice chandeliers with multiple lines and shades in the form of old bulbs. They make the room very bright and extremely elegant. While lines may have the most unpredictable direction and vary in length. The most popular course was the implementation of the lighting devices in the format of the industrial era.

Chrome interior — fresh trend expression

Делаем свой дом уютней — подвесные люстры в интерьере вашего жилья

In recent years, increasingly in the interior can be found the chrome parts and elements. It gives the room not only originality, but also a bright festive mood, because chrome is a perfect Shine. Therefore, the chandelier in the chrome color are gaining immense popularity.

Such hanging chrome chandelier can be made in any style, so they may be used regardless of the particular solution.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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