Макарские приучают детей к сельской жизни

The fixation of the new country family home Makarska almost completed. Spouses have to wait a few weeks and they are already with a light heart will be able to bypass their possessions, exulting in their new home.

While there is the final stage of finishing works in the new dwelling couple in Sergiev Posad near Moscow, they gradually accustom children to a rural country bessellieu life.

About how this is happening, Victoria told reporters: “We are having such a good summer: rented a house near the temple and lake. Vanya Anton fished, however, the son is only helping dad to keep the rods collected strawberries, raspberries. Made friends with a neighbor, whose large farm – as many as 30 goats. And now, eat only natural products from goat’s milk: cheese, sour cream, butter, even ice cream. Vanya Masha with all this love”.

According to Victoria, they with Anton always believed that family life should take place outside the city, because they are very happy that soon their dream will fully be realized.

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