Makarska is connected to the search for the missing family member neighbors

Макарская подключила к поискам пропавшего члена семьи соседей
The daughter of Victoria Anton and Maria was beside herself with anxiety.


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Макарская подключила к поискам пропавшего члена семьи соседей

Good morning, favorite:)
Well, Rysiek doesn’t eat cat food of any kind:) Loves everything that we eat and eats with the children:)))
A characteristic feature of the breed Pixiebob.
Anyone have the same?
Please share your experience.
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In recent days family
Victoria and Anton Makarsky has experienced an incredible amount of turmoil and
negative emotions, the cause of which was the favorite of the family — a cat named lynxes
breed pixiebob. Understand the concerns of the family can everyone who once was lost
furry friend.

“Anton went to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the
its release in Shukinsky Institute, says Victoria. — In the meantime
house all “knocked down”… today I was Looking for Risiko all the nooks and crannies
yard. Gone! We repair the basement and the door was open while drifting
building materials. Searched the whole house, went to all her favorite places.
Usually Rysiek follows me like a puppy, in all matters involved. On the 5th hour
went missing, Mary (eldest daughter and his wife — ed.) began to podgnivat and whimpering
from “grief” and we had to advertise in the local social networks about the loss.
While looking for Risco, met with the neighbors, which had not been
familiar. Girlfriend Alina, armed with flashlights searched the basement and climbed
under all the machines. Suddenly calls from the house my sister Monica: “I return!
Rysiek sleeps in the kitchen in the top drawer of the dresser with the drugs, buried in
Valerian”! How it got there and how had been closed behind her chest-
still can not solve! It’s physically impossible! Cats
in my opinion, still the most mysterious creatures on our planet…”

Fans Of Victoria
glad for the happy reunion of the family, and also told why it is
happened. “Many cats are able not only to open a variety of boxes and
doors, but to close them”, — they are enlightened star.