Макарские отдали дочь в балет
Anton and Victoria are preparing for our first concert of the baby.

Anton Makarsky with her daughter Masha

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Anton and Victoria are already preparing for the first concert of his daughter.

“We met with the head of the school-Studio of ballet “Todes” Alla Duhova at the event. Seeing Masha, she asked: “Why is the girl still with me?” — said Victoria. — So gave Masha in the ballet, especially in our Sergiyev Posad branch of the school in the next street! Two months later, my daughter’s concert, sew costumes”.

That the children and his wife, Mary, and Joe, feeling in a creative environment comfortable, Victoria said in a recent interview 7days.ru.

Children in awe of the Pope. Masha Anton
tied, sometimes wakes at night and whines: “Well, where is my
daddy?” Very always waiting for him, and Anton threatens soon
enter Masha in the everyday rider, without it in General anywhere does not want to fly.

And this is no joke. Once I know that Mary will be able
to maintain a schedule of the day, she will always be with me. And there Vanya
grow up, and again we will travel our whole family. But with the
the difference is that we will have to go back.

Vanechka such an important man, very attached to me!
I’m sorry, beloved husband, but it seems to me that no one ever did so
much as he didn’t like! I wonder, is it just me
that I gave birth to the most perfect man in the world? Or is it all mom
boys think so? To Masha, Vanya is the same as me Anton.
Live without it can not, much he loves all about him.
But when they are together, the van gets full, and he
humbly suffers from Masha and watches with loving eyes. Just as we do with
Anton, just the opposite.

It is… everything will change Soon. Our children are bright
expressed a boy and a girl. As soon as Ivan gets stronger, Masha will feel
his power and hurt will cease. And are they the best friends in
this world. Here we will have the strength, patience and wisdom to
to grow them real people, then my bliss would not be
no limit!