Makarska dream of a third child

Макарские мечтают о третьем ребенке
Loyal fans of the star couple Makarska remember that for a long time, the wife could not become parents.

Макарские мечтают о третьем ребенке

The couple visited many doctors, have handed over a huge number of tests, but, unfortunately, could not get pregnant.

Макарские мечтают о третьем ребенке

In 2012, many fans were cheered by the news that the couple will have a baby.

Now the family grows two wonderful children. But Makarska dream to become parents for the third time.

“The brothers Lev (the son of my sister Monica) and Vanya in awe of each other! As well, when children are in the house a lot! Oh, you want more. The glory of God!” – said Victoria.

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