Makar Zaporozhye criticized the “Dom-2”

Макар Запорожский раскритиковал «Дом-2»
The actors “Junior” became the participants of the show “the Couch”.

Makar Zaporozhye, Ivan Dubrovsky

Photo: Press service

In a special edition of the reality show “the Couch” which will be aired on STS
11 may at 23:30, to fellow workers, and other favorite heroes
joined the stars of the series “Junior”
Makar Zaporozhye and Ivan Dubrovsky.

Having tried on the image of sofa critics, the children shared
my impressions. “I rarely include
TV but if that’s the look, do it silently, don’t comment
what is happening on the screen — said Makar Zaporozhye. — So such a format of TV viewing was
new to me, but I liked it! Tea, sofa, Dubrovsky, an hour of peace in
– running is a gift!”.

Ivan also admitted that he does not have time to watch TV: “If I is at time I
choose something informative and
of course, don’t miss hockey. It turns out, to watch TV and comment on what they saw
very interesting, it was a fascinating experiment.”

The actors spoke of how they themselves relate to this kind of criticism: “criticism of the Coaches is the main audience
Russian TV says Ivan.
Personally, I normally respond to comments on their work, never say,
I’m not interested. Rather, listen carefully and make conclusions.”
It supports Makar: “critique I
treat with delight and gratitude, and sometimes with surprise”.

In the new episode of the heroes of the reality discussed the concert of Faith
Brezhneva, fight at wedding parties “House 2”, the grandmother, performed by Andrew
Rozhkova from the show “Ural dumplings” and parade in honor of Victory Day.