Maisie Williams dyed her hair green

Мэйси Уильямс покрасила волосы в зеленый цвет

The girl decided to change the style. Nineteen-year-old actress Maisie Williams, star of TV series “Game of thrones” has decided to relax between filming the next season of the popular TV show, HBO, and to do what is in its place makes almost every age – to find your style. It is no secret that the rigid framework of the contract do not allow the actors involved in the project, to radically change the image during the shooting because Williams took advantage of the moment and did it at the end of one season and having left a few months before the start of filming the new.

Мэйси Уильямс покрасила волосы в зеленый цвет

The actress attended the final of the Wimbledon tournament, where she barely recognized the fans and the paparazzi. Brown hair dyed their hair bright green. In the complex with an odd-fitting suit of blue color, it looked as if it mildly, strange. Most likely during colouring, the actress used a waterproof spray, so in a few weeks we will see the old Macy. If it is, of course, would never climb up again to change its image.

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