Magpie on the tail brought: the biggest gossip about stars, which discusses the whole world

Сорока на хвосте принесла: самые громкие сплетни о звездах, которые обсуждает весь мир “StarHit” remembered popular rumors about celebrities who break out with new force. Despite the fact that many of them are not confirmed, these topics are raised again and again by the public.

      Сорока на хвосте принесла: самые громкие сплетни о звездах, которые обсуждает весь мир

      Hearsay, as the proverb goes, land fills. Star status obliges to be in sight and interest of fans. But when the reasons for hottest news themselves idols do not give around their person constantly there are guesses, and sometimes even legends. Infidelity and divorce, terminal illness and plastic surgeries, illegitimate children and secret novels – “StarHit” collected gossip that hit the tabloid covers around the world, but which have not been confirmed.

      Svetlana Bondarchuk hides beloved

      Never having marked the silver anniversary, on March 19, one of the brightest pairs of the Russian show-business, announced the breakup: “With love and gratitude to each other, lived together for years, still remaining close friends, maintaining mutual respect and love for our families, we, Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk, to announce: we have decided to divorce. The time we spent together was wonderful, but today we went our separate ways – this fact does not have any conflicts, grievances, or conflicts. We are no longer a couple but remain friends.”

      After a loud statement, like mushrooms after a rain began to appear numerous rumors. And one of them turned out to be true. The famous Director for more than six months in a relationship with 27-year-old star of “the Thaw” by Paulina Andreeva. That’s just plan a wedding lover had to be postponed. Paulina Andreeva explained why he postponed the wedding with Bondarchuk

      “The preparation process yet stopped, – told “Strajite” Director actress Olga Loginova. – The hype will subside and everything will take place”.

      Meanwhile, the environment of sympathize with Bondarchuk, Svetlana is not in a hurry, they say, she had not one. “Back in the year 2012, Fedor asked Svetku back, portrayed rock, all friends tried to persuade her not to leave,” he wrote in the blog secular journalist Bozena Rynska.

      Cavalier public ex-wife of Fedor to submit in no hurry, they say, hides an influential man in politics. Gossip girl, meanwhile, is grasping at straws, tracking hashtags on her travels around the world with my friends and attributing her romance with longtime friend and designer Alexander Terekhov.


      Сорока на хвосте принесла: самые громкие сплетни о звездах, которые обсуждает весь мир

      Kate Middleton, according to the predictions of the press, needs to raise at least a dozen children. It remains a mystery how she physically be able to have time to give birth to them all, after all, married to Prince William she had only 29 April 2011. The last time rumors about the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge appeared in the media after the pair return from India on April 16. And Catherine prophesied already… twins! “The first Royal twins in 700 years,” shouted from the shelves of titles.

      Buckingham Palace does not react to the sensational news of the British tabloids, once spoke out very clearly about this: “If it were true, then information distributed to us and not the gossip magazines”.

      Kate Middleton risks repeating the fate of Princess Diana

      But twice the official representative still had the honor to inform the public about the upcoming addition to the Royal family. 3 Dec 2012 he said that Kate is waiting for the first child, is in hospital of king Edward VII in Central London with symptoms of toxicosis and will stay there for another few days. 22 Jul 2013 she gave birth to son George Alexander Louis. A little more than a year, September 8, 2014, he confirmed the information about the second pregnancy of the Duchess, and on may 2 of 2015 was born Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

      No one suggests that William and his wife don’t plan any more kids, but apparently the third is not ready yet. In an interview this spring, was recorded for a documentary to the 90th jubilee of Elizabeth II, Kate said: “the Queen was very happy, when the girl was born. Having a little daughter is a very special feeling. I think George is very lucky that he has a sister.”

      Stesha Malikova twisted new novel

      Сорока на хвосте принесла: самые громкие сплетни о звездах, которые обсуждает весь мир

      In boyfriend star heiress gossip girl attributed equally stellar offspring – Denis Baysarov, Arseniy Shulgin and Philip Gazmanov. Still – striking blonde, model, aspiring singer – why not attribute to her relationship with eligible bachelor. However, the father Stasi – musician Dmitry Malikov admits that his wife and 16-year-old daughter to meet a guy is not allowed. And the girl herself more time to study and work, not personal life.

      Before Stephanie wanted to enter the faculty of fundamental medicine at MSU, but I reconsidered in favor of journalism in MGIMO. “I don’t think a family man should earn, and the woman to stay home, knit and cook. My goal is to fulfill your potential and have a stable income, ” the girl replied “StarHit”. – While any contract monitors and signs for my mom, and participation in a particular survey and can discuss as a family.”
      On numerous rumors in the Network and comments in Instagram, where you have million dollar baby as much as 343 thousand subscribers, she tries not to answer. But to dot the i when online rumors about her affair with Ercisson, recorded with a young man duet song. The song with the telling title “don’t rush us to marry,” even said “Golden gramophone”.

      Lolita divorce with the young husband

      Сорока на хвосте принесла: самые громкие сплетни о звездах, которые обсуждает весь мир

      Outrageous singer and she is a master at stirring up the rumors about the imminent divorce from fifth husband, sportsman Dmitry Ivanov. At the end of March, the artist released a provocative video, some scenes from which quite rightly could hurt Dima. The plot in the shadows of the doorway she makes love with dark-skinned handsome man. The next morning after the premiere appeared on the Internet articles with headlines “Lolita cheated on her husband with the black”, and the woman had to apologize to a talk show one of the channels. Supposedly, I was the innocent – well this is the scenario!

      But this is not the first time fans and the press talk about problems in the family Milavskaya. And the well-being of the spouses are unequal, and the difference in age killed love, and psychics have predicted the gap… But the couple is together and happy.

      “When I married a man who younger than me for 12 years, I just realized that the older partners do not interest me,” said Lolita. – People often ask, I do not think that he’s going to leave me? I think. But there is still not clear, the card will fall, and who will leave. I’m such a girl – I difficult to keep. And if the husband will dump me for someone younger… well, then he’s a fool! We really want this wedding was the last one. In General all those who work on stage, and especially circus performers, taught never to say the word “last”. Only “extreme”. Therefore, Dima is my extreme love, extreme my husband. I would have to go back in time, when I was 30″.

      Glyuk’oza increased breast

      Сорока на хвосте принесла: самые громкие сплетни о звездах, которые обсуждает весь мир

      Charming singer than once suspected in improving appearance through plastic surgery – attributed to rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and breast. Particularly zealous debunkers even created collages, trying to demonstrate the difference in pictures star before and after surgery. She Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova (the real name of the actress. – Approx. “StarHit”) all the rumors were denied and even condemned colleagues, which served under the knife for the sake of beauty.

      “Obviously, when an older woman wants to look attractive. But when young girls do plastic? For example, why is Julia Volkova? Was fascinating and now added his 15 years. Such changes I do not approve,” said Natalia.

      The secrets of facial and body she enjoys sharing with her fans on Instagram. Regularly post photos from yoga and dancing, talks about the trips to the beautician. Once such a post, the star was excited not only fans, but also her husband. “Oh, well. Microcurrents help to restore the skin after make-up! Don’t laugh!” – a signature she left a funny picture in a special mask.

      “Hey, Dr. Lecter, enough to scare the country! I’ve yet to live… And I, too, in the evenings, the way Freddie I will go” – commented post of the spouse Alexander Chistyakov.

      Even if an ideal image of the famous blonde is not quite natural, it is excusable. In its 29 years, the singer has two daughters – 9-year-old Lida, and 4-year-old Faith, and on the red carpet social events captivates not only with outfits from the famous couturier, but also a spectacular bust.

      Angelina Jolie and brad pitt trying to save the marriage

      Сорока на хвосте принесла: самые громкие сплетни о звездах, которые обсуждает весь мир

      This song is old as the hills, or, as already more than 12 years of relations with one of the world’s most beautiful couples. For their Union in the English language, even a new word Brangelina. Roman actors began to ascribe even during the filming of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Jolie actively condemned for what she stole from the family pitt, married at the time to Jennifer aniston. The lovers never denied nor confirmed the information, despite regularly appearing paparazzie footage of an intimate rendezvous.

      “At first, Jen didn’t believe that her husband really is in love with a colleague. She asked all around, but they only covered brad”, – told in the Hollywood crowd. In January 2005, when the truth was already obvious, aniston filed for divorce, and on 11 January 2006 in an interview, Jolie shared the happy news that she is expecting a child with pitt.

      Despite the rumors, every day the world ripped from the tabloids, the stars are still together, raising three of their own and three adopted children, and the gossip is simply not react. The reason for the crumbling of marriage is often called the rigid character of the wife – a pier, it controls each step is blessed, and she entertains on the side. In the winter of last year in the media appeared information about the fact that while brad presented his new film “shorting” in Los Angeles, Angelina, remaining in Cambodia, tried to be comforted in the arms of another man. He said: “I’ve had enough!” and began to prepare documents for the court.
      In the spring the press was even called the exact date of the upcoming public statements, however, summer is coming, and instead of news about high-profile divorce, the fans were waiting for good news.

      On the days stellar family purchased a mansion in London – eight bedrooms, a swimming pool and tennis court. I don’t think so Angie and brad have made such a smart purchase ahead of parting!

      Ales Kafelnikov is suffering from anorexia

      Сорока на хвосте принесла: самые громкие сплетни о звездах, которые обсуждает весь мир

      In its 17 years, the successor to Olympic tennis champion and once the first racket of the world Yevgeny Kafelnikov success in sports is not achieved, but on the runway already paved a path. Last year Ales has signed a contract with Russian brand Bella Potemkina, as his face appeared in advertising of the brand Kira Plastinina, Valentin Yudashkin, ALEXANDERARUTYUNOV, participated in shows, A La Russe. Foreign designers for a graceful beauty, unfortunately, didn’t take the bait. Maybe because excessive thinness in the modeling industry in recent years, not only discouraged, but even condemned.

      This spring many followers fashion models even suspected her of anorexia, and Ales had to justify and convince fans that she is healthy.

      “I weigh 47 kilograms and I think that it is normal for the model, eating the right food and do not sit on any diet. I just found a middle ground and eat as much food as is required by the body. In our family we take seriously the health and each year we pass inspection at doctors.

      What was the reason for weight loss of star successor, it remains a mystery. But gossip girl sure spiritual experiences after breaking up with Nikita Novikov. Kafelnikov is already called the son of the famous restaurateur “husband”, but, as they say in a stellar coterie, a faithful young man to his “wife” to keep not wanted. The life of Lesja Kafelnikov after parting with her lover, tears, alcohol, clubs


      Сорока на хвосте принесла: самые громкие сплетни о звездах, которые обсуждает весь мир

      The actress and her husband haven’t said a calico wedding, and they have had some time to breed. There was even talk that 29-year-old Gela Meskhi went from a 38-year-old Catherine, when she had his child. Meanwhile, the daughter of pair – baby Bella for seven months, and I her parents happy together.

      Sowed the seed of doubt in the perfect ways newly minted newlyweds Catherine friend – Larissa wins. The main argument women was that of Gela, they say, no longer shining in Kate’s eyes. “I’m in their family not want to climb, but I’ve heard that Katerina took the timeout,” said Larissa. – With her husband, unfortunately, very difficult: he was home sleeping through again, naughty, offended over nothing – in General, behaves like a headstrong youngster who is not ready for marriage. Maybe when the baby is born, the guy in my head that something will change?”

      However, the Meskhetians were quick to refute the gossip.

      “Worry for what I rarely be at home, other people do not: this is true, and the reason is simple. Shoot a lot, now occupied in the TV series “Bouncers” and “Guardian”, said Meskhi.

      After the birth of their daughter, the rumors about the problems couples have come to naught. Gela helps his lovely wife raise not only their child, but 14-year-old Lisa from her first marriage Klimova with jeweler Ilya Horoshilovym, as well as 10-year-old Matthew and 8-year-old Korney from his second marriage with actor Igor Petrenko.


      Сорока на хвосте принесла: самые громкие сплетни о звездах, которые обсуждает весь мир

      Footage of 13 Feb 2014 famous skater approaches the rail, saying something to the coach, Alexei Mishin and declares to the judges that is removed from the tournament in figure skating the Olympic games in Sochi, spread all over the world. His mentor at this point, he said, “Sank-and-click, and the next day announced that he was ending his athletic career.

      “Age allows you to continue, but 12 operations is too much, – Eugene admitted. – I didn’t want to leave. I’m sorry that the fans didn’t wait for anything that was rooting for me. But I need to stay healthy”.

      Unfortunately, at that time our country was not able to speak in men’s figure skating – replace Plushenko in the competition according to the regulations of the law we already had. Tribunes of the ice Palace of sports “iceberg” in silence accompanied the idol, not seeing him triumph.

      However, the double Olympic champion is not what I wanted to say goodbye to ice. In April 2015, he announced his return and was included in the Russian national team. After another year and two more operations, the last of which was held for him on 14 March in Israel, he not intend to change its plans. And the skater – the fifth in his life Olympics, which will be held in 2018 in Korean Pyeongchang. “Those who are so interested in when I retire, I can only recommend to follow my life and work. This will happen when he deems it necessary”, – said the athlete.

      David and Victoria Beckham getting divorced

      Сорока на хвосте принесла: самые громкие сплетни о звездах, которые обсуждает весь мир

      Rumours that the couple in the relationship is still far from smooth, in and of themselves are not news. Star couple, perhaps, she provides media and fans with new evidence of problems in the family. So this spring David and Vicki met face to face for more than a month – until the former captain of the England football looked after their four children in Los Angeles, ex-soloist of the Spice Girls presented a clothing collection at fashion Week in Seoul, where she came from Hong Kong.
      The causes of the troubles of the couple Beckham was called different. Supposedly David tried to pull your the loss of his wife’s business – in February, the athlete had to transfer to the accounts of the company and Victoria as much as 5.2 million pounds out of pocket, to save it from bankruptcy. They say that the disorder began in 2010, when David, having received a serious injury, was attached to the house.

      “All the time of their marriage, he practically lived on the football field,” said friends of the couple, But after an injury on the horizon loomed the end of a career. He fell into a depression, and support from spouses did not have”.

      Rumor has it that the character was Posh Spice (translated to English Posh spice. So nicknamed the soloist of the popular girl five. – approx. “StarHit”), no sugar, she is headstrong and jealous husband to his glory. “It was just wear and tear, as gaining, with relatives acted harshly – whispered surrounded by family. – Vicky brought an assistant, whose duties included, among other things, to remove her shoes”.

      Word travels fast, but so far experts star manners I suspect a few in the imminent divorce, because they began to sell General real estate, David touching congratulates Victoria from 42-year anniversary and recognized feelings. “You’re a beautiful and passionate woman… Want to be that day for you awesome today and let me pamper you because you deserve it. You have reached great heights, but something tells me that this is just the beginning… happy birthday, we love you!”.

      Mack plunged into a new relationship

      Last fall, the singer first spoke about the betrayal of the civil husband. That her lover, businessman Anton Petrov affair with 21-year-old student, Maksim learned being in the seventh month of her pregnancy under her heart she carried the second daughter. The Marina (real name artist. – Approx. “StarHit”) very upset by the cheating, said her friend Regina. – Terribly jealous, I lay awake at night crying into the pillow, but the pain kept inside – even mind the first time had not filed that she knows everything. Of course, she loved him. And, I think, still in love. Never said about him not a bad word. Caring, attentive, with sense of humor, smart, generous… Marina was dreaming of a complete family. But Anton, apparently, decided otherwise. He’s a good father, helps her with the little she often comes to visit, nursed, carried on the shoulders, watches as a kid growing up. But imagine what it’s like to share person with another! To the last she hoped that he will return.”

      Husband Mack left her with child and married another woman

      However, 34-year-old businessman has placed all points over i, having a wedding with a young bride. In order to survive the blow of fate, the singer took a year and a half. Only this winter she admitted that once again no one even said that he wants more children.

      “Girls I have two, so want a boy. Apparently, God has not given me a kid, because I just would not depart from him and believed that all women are enemies,” confessed the star.

      Fans have already started guessing who this mysterious stranger, whom Mack calls “a worthy man” and which is ready to build a family. What was their surprise when after a couple of months and she also denied his own words. “Uh-uh! I don’t have a “new novel” – wrote in Instagram artist. One can only guess, maybe the girl flushed feelings for someone from the former suitors.

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