“Magicians”: the fate of “sorcerers” and “magicians” of the cult of the picture

«Чародеи»: как сложилась судьба «магов» и «волшебников» из культовой картины The fate prepared for the artists challenge. The film takes pride of place among the favorite viewers of Soviet films. After being released in 1982, the tape on the novel of brothers Strugatsky “Monday begins on Saturday” immediately caught the fancy of both children and adults.
«Чародеи»: как сложилась судьба «магов» и «волшебников» из культовой картины

The interweaving of magic and rational. Love, cold calculation and a lot of magic. This is the Christmas story about love, released exactly 35 years ago, and instantly okoldovana the entire population of the country. The catch phrase of “Wizards” have become Proverbs. Song from the movie instantly prekratilis in hits. Not coincidentally Fedor Bondarchuk used one of them as the soundtrack in the Saga of 2017 “Santa Claus. Battle of the magicians.” “StarHit” tells what happened to the actors of this tale for adults.

Alexander Yakovlev

“A woman always strives to become what it is want to see”

Actress, beauty Alena, sunk into the hearts of millions of men. Alexander was the epitome of the best qualities a modern girl and a fabulous heroine. Witty, slender, handsome, “well-dressed”. During the 80s, Alexander Yakovlev was one of the most popular Soviet Actresses. Fame came to her after filming the movie “the Crew” in 1979: after sex scenes Yakovlev compared with the popular in those years, American Kim Bassinger. But in the 90-ies Yakovlev left the cinema.

The actress has immersed himself in community work in his native Kaliningrad, occupying the post of Chairman of the Committee on culture and tourism of the city. Under the leadership Yakovleva several years held international film festival of Baltic States “the Amber Panther”. Then, the actress has headed the service for HR management in Saint-Petersburg airport “Pulkovo”, has held the position of Deputy head of the Oktyabrskaya railway quality management and marketing. Yakovlev was involved in the launch of high-speed trains “Sapsan” between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Under her leadership, was even built power plant for “Sapsan”. By the way, restaurant and bar in the Russian style trains proposed to make it an actress. Alexander was personally involved in the selection of personnel for the high-speed route, conducted auditions among the conductors.

In 2016, the remake of the movie “the Crew” Alexander Yakovlev again played Tamara is now a big official in the world of aviation. So, after 30 – year hiatus, the actress returned to the profession.

Alexander was several times married. The first suprug – actor Valery Kuhareshin. They became acquainted in his student years. In this marriage, the actress gave birth to a daughter and a son: “If not for the birth of the Institute, given my hectic life, children would have never been” – said the actress in an interview. In 1984 in the film “Paratroopers” Alexander met with Estonian athlete skydiver cal aasmaa. Their marriage lasted over 30 years, but recently in an interview, 60-year-old actress admitted that they broke up. The star of “the Crew” Alexander Yakovlev divorced

Alexander Abdulov

«Чародеи»: как сложилась судьба «магов» и «волшебников» из культовой картины
«Чародеи»: как сложилась судьба «магов» и «волшебников» из культовой картины

“Well, I’ll show you how foreign brides… enchanting!”

The role of Ivan – Alexander Abdulov became the idol of millions of viewers. Wide fame came to an actor after starring in the TV movie “Ordinary miracle” (1978), staged by mark Zakharov. During his career, the actor starred in 112 films. In his role, and lyrical movies, and adventure, and crime drama: “Most charming and attractive”, “Formula of love”, “Gardemariny, vpered!”, “The genius”. Not many people know that almost all the stunts on set, the actor acted alone, without the help of doubles. In 1988 stunt in the movie “Kill the dragon” Abdulov was awarded the prize as the best stuntman.

The direct participation of Alexander Gavrilovic was revived Moscow international film festival, whose Director General Abdulov was for several years starting in 1995. In 2000 he made his directorial debut before, only actor. He directed the musical “the Bremen town musicians & Co” on motives of known fairy tales.

Officially, the actor was twice married. In the first marriage with the actress Irina Alferova Alexander raised her daughter Irina from his first marriage – Xenia. Even after the divorce, Alexander maintained warm relations with both.

“Whatever they say, I say Ksenia is my daughter, I gave birth to it, I know all of her ailments, her anxieties and worry with her,” shared the actor in an interview.

The second marriage, the actor concluded in 2006, with Yulia Miloslavskaya. The difference in age of spouses was more than 20 years. Julia is a year younger than Xenia, stepdaughter of Alexander. In the film “trap for the killer” Alexander Abdulov has learned that almost simultaneously became a father and grandfather. His wife Julia March 21, gave birth to his daughter Eugenia. Ksenia Alferova – granddaughter of Evdokia on April 4.

At the end of August 2007, Alexander Abdulov was operated in the Sevastopol clinic due to a perforated ulcer. The operation has caused complications in the heart. Six days Abdulov spent in intensive care, then was transferred to the Moscow cardiology center named after Bakulev. The flight had a negative impact on the body of the actor, has come sharp deterioration. In early September, Abdul flew to an Israeli hospital where he was diagnosed with is the last, terminal stage of lung cancer. Alexander Abdulov passed away on 3 January 2008 at the age of 54 years.

Semyon Farada

«Чародеи»: как сложилась судьба «магов» и «волшебников» из культовой картины

“Everyone is wrong the best of my ability!”

“Sad clown”, “wizard episodes” – so journalists and critics called the performer of the role “guest from the South”. Semyon Farada never studied acting. However, he played in more than 130 films. Brilliant talent and a burning desire to carstvovanie brought the Seeds to the stage.

In 1972, Director Yuri Lyubimov invited Farad in the Moscow theater of drama and Comedy on Taganka, a stage on which the actor had served for almost thirty years. In the same theatre Farad met the woman of his life, actress Maria politseymako. By the time they met, Maria was already known, Simon just took his first steps on the big stage. Both were proprietary. Simon fell in love, wanted to make an offer. But Mary suddenly put iron condition: Rodi son! Conditions, the actress has performed. In 1976 was born the Michael politseymako, which later became a popular actor.

“In 80 years all the children of the Soviet Union watched “the good work – remember Michael in an interview. – I was very proud of that clown Senya – my dad: he is the funniest, most beloved”.

This character brought Farád first real popularity. And then followed roles in the movie “Formula of love”, “the very Munchausen” and many others.

Last years the actor was seriously ill. In 2000, Semyon Farada survived a massive stroke. Due to health problems, he had to leave the stage. For nine years of heavy disease again caring devoted wife, Mary V., and son Michael.

Ekaterina Vasilyeva

«Чародеи»: как сложилась судьба «магов» и «волшебников» из культовой картины

“It’s hard to love a witch? It’s hard when you don’t like”

The role of the strict headmistress of the Institute “NUIN” Kira Shemakhan – actress Ekaterina Vasilyeva. A talented performer with a unique gift for the grotesque flow of images. Unlike many colleagues, she remained critically important in the crisis years of “perestroika”.

But in the mid-90s Vasilyev refused from the worldly life, from the acting profession and went to the monastery. She worked as a Treasurer of the Church of Sophia the wisdom of God in Secondary Gardener. The mother followed and only son, Dmitry Roshchin. A graduate of VGIK, he decided to become a deacon at the monastery, and then headed to the temple.

After a few years, Vasiliev returned to the movies. The actress starred in the TV series “Queen Margot”, in the movie “Come see me”, involved in some other projects. But in his interview with Vasilyeva admitted that only did it for a living. Every time before filming, the actress asked the permission of the priest. One day the priest asked: “And you have something else to do?” “No.” “Then earn the bread as you can.”

Today 72-year-old Ekaterina Vasilyeva continues to serve in the Church and in the movies. One of her latest projects – “the fern Flower”, “snail”, “Mom”.

Valentin Gaft

«Чародеи»: как сложилась судьба «магов» и «волшебников» из культовой картины

“How much would it cost me my rejuvenation… in the service sector?!”

The role of Apollon Mitrofanovich Salanueva – talented actor, Director and poet Valentin Gaft. His film debut took place in 1956 in the movie “Murder on Dante street”. Having pronounced negative charisma, the actor often played the role of villains. For many spectators it was remembered vivid roles in the films of Eldar Ryazanov’s “Garage”, “Promised Heaven”, “On the poor hussar say a word”. Gaft remained in demand throughout his long acting career. Among the works of recent years – such popular movies as “Burnt by the sun 2, Yolki-3”, “milky way”.

Valentin Gaft is the author of numerous poignant epigrams. His best rhyme was deeply hurt by fellow actors. In the epigram on himself, Valentin I. wrote:

Gaft very many were ismaeli

And in the epigrams were eaten alive.

He stuffed a hand in this matter,

And the rest we will fill his body.

Colleagues also tried to joke the Gaft. For example, in the final cut of the film “Magicians” did not enter the episode in which the dog barks at his hero Salanueva: “Gaft! Gaft!”.

Valentin Gaft was married several times. His first wife was fashion model Elena Izergina. The second was a marriage with a ballerina Inna Eliseeva, they have a daughter Olga, however, in the early ‘ 80s, but Eliseeva divorced. Daughter Olga died in September 2002, committed suicide. With his third wife, actress Olga Ostroumova, actor lived for more than 20 years. Under its influence, Valentin Gaft became Orthodox.

The last time 82-year-old actor periodically hurts. For health reasons he had to cancel a meeting with fans in Yekaterinburg in June 2017 in December in Moscow held a performance with his participation: Gaft was in the hospital. But the actor is full of plans for the future. “The main thing would be health. And anyway, I have now all thoughts of work,” recently admitted Valentin Iosifovich.

Valery Zolotukhin

«Чародеи»: как сложилась судьба «магов» и «волшебников» из культовой картины

“What’s crazy is that love is a medicine for the same”

The role of Kivrin, hopelessly in love with the headmistress of Shemakha is a popular actor Valery Zolotukhin.

His fate is inextricably linked with the Taganka Theater. He made his debut in 1964 in the role of water boy Wang in the play “the Good person of Szechwan”. For nearly five decades, he appeared on the stage of this theater.

His first great love was a fellow student, the beautiful Nina Shatskaya. They were married in the fifth year. By the end of the night she has already managed to star in several films. This was to the ego of a young Zolotukhin. However, since the late 60’s, the actor began to star in many movies. “The master of taiga”, “Bumbarash” – the first works that brought him popularity. After the fame was followed by changes in personal life of a star of the screen. Zolotukhin never hid the fact that he loved women. From her divorce Shatskikh it held only passion. But Nina could not stand it and left the wife, taking son Denis. She went to a colleague’s theater of Leonid Filatov. Zolotukhin eventually reconciled and occasionally visited his son. In adult life, the son and the father rarely communicated. Denis chose for himself the profession of a priest.

His second wife Tamara, Valery met in 1975 on the set of the melodrama “the one”. She was the assistant Director. The son of Valery and Tamara Sergey became a professional musician. Unfortunately, he early died, committing suicide in 2007.

Popular with the audience of the younger generation Zolotukhin acquired, starring in the film adaptation of novels by Sergei Lukyanenko “night watch” and “Night…”. In an interview the actor admitted that filming in the projects was terrible because it was likely that computer technology will overshadow the acting.

From October 2011 to March 2013 Zolotukhin was the artistic Director of the Taganka Theater. During this time it produced six new plays. Valery left the theater for health reasons. 30 Mar 2013 artist died on 72-m to year of life from complications of a brain tumor. The actor was buried, according to his will, in the territory built on the savings of Zolotukhin Temple of the Holy virgin in the village of bystryy Istok in Altai. There he was born. However, in June 2014, while dispensing Obi grave of Valeriy Zolotukhin flooded by flood waters.

Emmanuel Vitorgan

“In order to pass through walls, you need three conditions – see the goal, believe in yourself and not notice the obstacles!”

The role of kovrova Victor Emmanuel Vitorgan graduated from the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinema in 1961. For many years he played at theaters of the two capitals. His debut film was in the thumbnail, where in 1960 in the film “Man with a future” actor played the miner. Vitorgan has starred. Creative was not idle and in the 90-ies. The actor has dabbled in Comedy (“good weather In Deribasovskaya, or Brighton beach again it rains”), crime dramas and melodramas.

In 2000, the artist is very upset by the death of his beloved wife, actress Alla Batler, with whom he served in theatre of a name of Mayakovsky. Emmanuel Vitorgan: “I came to see his wife in the house and then banging his head against the wall”

“The pain that I experienced due to the withdrawal Alia, do not want anyone else” – shared Vitorgan their experiences with journalists. Only a few years he found new love again and married. Wife Irina 23 years younger Vitorgan. Son Maxim first cool reception to the new father’s family. But later their relations became normal.

“I think, if I’m lucky, and my friends and family should be happy. Normally, when close people are happy for one another… Maxime congratulated us on the phone, but didn’t come to the wedding. Although now my relationship with my wife it warm,” said Vitorgan-senior.

Young wife Vitorgan hails from Jurmala. Summer family traditionally spends time at his home on the Baltic coast. Children and grandchildren are happy to visit them.

Together with Irina Vitorgan opened a “Cultural center of Emmanuel Vitorgan” in Sechenovskiy lane, Moscow. There’s 77-year-old actor plays his solo performance of “Exit”, holds recitals, concerts, celebrates the actors and friends.