Magician David blaine has suffered during a failed stunt

Фокусник Девид Блейн пострадал во время неудачного трюка

Street magician David blaine, which shocked their fans for the past twenty years, almost sent myself to the light. The illusionist was not able to correctly perform the trick of “catch the bullet with my teeth” and was severely wounded. Now his life is not in danger, but some time David will have to stay in the hospital.

The mishap occurred during the filming of the program “the other side of magic” on channel E4 in front of two thousand spectators. Blaine has repeatedly performed this trick, but this is the first time he miscalculated.
Recall that street magic David started in 1997, and since 1999, periodically shocking the audience then walks on water, the breath, that long confinement without food. Three years ago released a documentary film “David blaine. Reality or magic.”