Magazine TOP BEAUTY presented innovative technologies of beauty

Журнал TOP BEAUTY представил инновационные технологии красоты

17 September was held the presentation of new technologies of beauty, NU SKIN, with the support of the magazine TOP BEAUTY.

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On this day, the magazine gathered the TOP BEAUTY experts in the beauty and confident users of cosmetic innovations for the presentation of the home a cosmetic laboratory system ageLOC ME.

As the creators say, the system of replacement cartridges and the smart device is a unique approach to regulating aging processes of the skin. Explanations of the technologies and the nuances of the platform gave an invited expert from American laboratories, NU SKIN, head, Department of research and product development for personal care, – Casey Holly.

“Based trading platform ageLOC is huge long-term work on the decoding of the human genome and more than 30 years of experience, NU SKIN is to use natural herbal ingredients. Research became the basis for the creation of innovative care products for skin, shmedley aging and restoring vitality of the body” – Casey Holly.

Experts and guests tested the camera in directly, passing an online test. This approach allows you to personalize the choice of means for care depending on age, gender, region of residence and lifestyle. The participants also had an opportunity to test in interactive stations showing clearly the achievements of modern science: measuring the level of antioxidants in the body, subcutaneous fat and muscle mass.

The event was not without the press and bloggers, among prominent guests were spotted Katya Royal @ktsarskaya, SIM Lapteva @sea_see_you, model Elizaveta Starchak, actress Katya Kabak and others.