Madonna’s son skips school, smokes and drinks alcohol

Сын Мадонны прогуливает школу, курит и употребляет алкоголь

Does mom know? No sooner had Madonna to build relationships with your grown-up son Rocco and dad guy Ritchielike a teenager again gave her cause for concern. The young man in the company of friends under the bridge. They drank alcohol and smoked something suspicious.

Most likely, Rocco began to skip school, and even the presence of the mother did not stop him instead of the institution will go with friends for a walk. Recall that a few weeks ago, the singer arrived at his London residence to dot the “i” in relationship with his son and ex-husband. And if they came to a truce, the problem of education still remains open.
Madonna, who has always believed a good education is the key to a successful life and she doesn’t like Rocco skips school. Sources said that the singer agreed to “drive son to school personally”, most likely, she will have to stay in Albion.

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