Madonna’s son has found his calling

Сын Мадонны нашел свое призвание
Rocco followed in the footsteps of her mother.

Madonna and son Rocco


The son of Madonna and
Guy Ritchie has found a new job: he began to learn the profession, which is not
ashamed to show off to friends. Rocco has received an offer to play for
advertising, an activity he enjoyed it so much that he is thinking not to do it
it his profession.

Rocco suggested
to take part in an advertising photo shoot for sports apparel for well-known brand Adidas, and the young man, of course, took advantage of this opportunity. The result
everybody was happy — the son of Madonna
his employers: they found Rocco very naturally kept before
the lens of the camera. Besides, the young man made his first serious money.
Rocco’s mom is also happy the first successful experience of his son, because she herself never
disdain advertising contracts, earning them not less than their

really, Rocco, who in August this year will mark 17 years, has been to
this little experience. The fact that, at the insistence of his father and mother, he
had to hire a courier and drive around London, delivering to homes and offices food
company Deliveroo. Guy Ritchie decided then
the son of an urgent need to find something to do after school so as not
hang out with friends on the street. This is the conclusion of guy Ritchie came after
as Rocco was detained by police for what friends smoked pot nearby
from the house of the father.

Recall that after He escaped from
Madonna’s father in London the singer and her ex-husband have been fighting in court for the right
custody of a young man. In the end, won by Richie, after
the judge decided that Rocco should live with father. But after the arrest of Rocco, some
questioned the court’s decision, because this story is
inadvertently Gaya.