Мадонна подала в суд на соседей

Feud of the Madonna and her neighbors in her luxury building in Manhattan is ongoing and has already moved into the legal realm. Inhabitants of the house opposite the Central Park in new York, has filed a lawsuit against a celebrity, demanding to adhere to the rules written in the Statute of the tenants in the building.

According to this rule, Madonna owes is at home when her apartment for $ 7.3 million are members of her family or staff. That is to say, in her house cleaned up, the singer needs to attend at the same. Naturally, the artist who is constantly on tour and is on the road, I do not agree with this rule. She filed a counterclaim.
“The plaintiff is a world famous singer that is constantly on tour. She has a lot of real estate around the world, she travels frequently, and therefore very different from the other occupants of the house” — said in a lawsuit that Madonna has filed in a Manhattan court. In it she asks the court to release her from this obligation in connection with the circumstances and allow her the children and staff have the opportunity to be in her house at any time.
Recall that the main residence of Madonna in the Big Apple is the town house value of 32.5 million dollars. The artist has four children, and she wished that they all could easily use any of its housing.

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