Madonna saves money on tickets

Мадонна экономит деньги на авиабилетах
The pop star flew to visit my son in London in the economy class.



Madonna is “worth” $ 800 million, but this impressive sum in its Bank account does not prevent it is to save on tickets. The pop star was returning from London, where he visited his son Rocco (he lives with his dad, former husband of Madonna and British film Director guy Ritchie and his family) to Lisbon in economy class, and sat at the very “cheap” place. Ticket to this place costs less than $ 100.

In Lisbon recently settled the singer for another son adopted her and Richie’s 16-year-old David from Malawi. Son was invited to a youth football team Lisbon and devoted mother feel the need to move from new York, where “based” after her divorce from Ritchie, in Portugal the family — 5-year-old twins, Esther and Stella, and 11-year-old daughter mercy. These children from the small African nation of Malawi, Madonna adopted soon after the appearance of David. First she lived in the hotel, but in the summer I bought a house at 17 kilometers from the capital of Portugal, in the resort place on the ocean. A fall was recorded for all children, including David darling in the French Lyceum. Madonna wants her children receive equal opportunities, and when David began to make progress in football, did not wish that the son was a wasted opportunity to try their hand at well-known European football team.

And now Madonna’s much easier to see Rocco, who was known to prefer England family and his father lives in America with his mother. I must say that he and there are brothers and sisters. Richie’s wife Jackie gave birth to him before the marriage three children. Of course, the flight from Lisbon to London and is cheaper than a flight across the ocean. In General, Madonna started a new life in Europe. By the way, Portugal has chosen to live in recent years, many celebrities, including Michael Fassbender with his wife Alicia Vikander, Monica Bellucci and John Malkovich.