Madonna moved into the Palace in Lisbon

Мадонна заселилась во дворец в Лиссабоне
The singer began to settle in Portugal.

Madonna with twins Esther and Stella


Madonna settles in to his new home in Lisbon, where the singer moved from
her four younger children — 5-year-old twins, Esther and Stella,
12-year-old son David and 11-year-old daughter mercy. The entire company settled in
a huge old mansion, standing on top of a hill, built in the 18th century.
He is so big and luxurious that local residents call it the Palace. For him
a singer, almost no haggling, posted almost 6 million euros. This building
it impressed not only the architectural merits and the views from it
types, but the fact that it is close to the training base
local Junior football team Benifica. After all, sporting talent
discovered at her 12-year-old
adopted son David, and his desire to play in this team, and
became one of the motives for moving.

As it became known, before the Madonna with the children moved into the mansion
here underwent a major reconstruction, because the last time this building
was used as a premium hotel for the wealthy tourists. Among
other advantages of this acquisition, the singer is still surrounding the Palace
garden with exotic plants and a heated pool under palm trees.

Of his intention to move to Portugal, the singer announced in September.
“This is my experiment. I want to plunge deeper into new to me
local culture, which I think is just phenomenal!” — said Madonna.
However, according to evil tongues, the singer moved here not only because of the son.
The fact that here lives a new boyfriend of the singer — Kevin Sampaio,
who lives in Lisbon, where does a career in modeling. Madonna so
Sampaio was fascinated that he decided to move overseas.
The fact that Kevin only 31 years old, Madonna does not bother, she had
lovers and younger. For example, it
previous mate Abubakr Soumahoro, to whom she “gave down” in
the beginning of this year only 26 years old…

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