Madonna may lose an adopted child

Мадонна может лишиться усыновленного ребёнка

While Madonna plans to adopt another child, she may lose son David, who had been adopted, while still married to Guy Ritchie. The biological father of a boy of ten was seriously concerned about what is happening now in the life of the celebrity. And it’s not just regular scandals connected with behaviour of the Madonna – a man interested in why ran away biological son Rocco artist.

“I want to know what is going on behind closed doors, why my own son ran away from mother in the UK and categorically refuses to live with her” said Johan Banda, son of David.
Don’t like Johan and the fact that his son lives, even in abundance, but in a terrible social conditions of single-parent families. After her divorce from Richie Madonna Gym about changes young lovers.
“This is contrary to cultural laws in which we live. David never would have seen here in the father’s house. M cherish tradition and the morality. My children are very close to each other, they love playing together and having fun” added Johan.
It is known that in the list of the settlement agreement of the Madonna and the guy has a point, Richie made( and which really do not like the singer) according to which David washes to go to guy in London. But Johan seems that part of the family directed his boy was not destined to become because of the reluctance Ritchie.
“I think the guy didn’t want to accept my son into your family initially. This Madonna wanted the adoption of my child. I allowed it only on the condition that she will give my son a good education, after obtaining which he returns to me and lives with me” — said David’s father.
We will remind that the Gang appeared in the family of Madonna and Ritchie in 2006, and in 2009 his prisoedenilas girl mercy.

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