Мадонна проиграла суд по опеке над сыном

The Supreme court in Manhattan allowed Rocco Ritchie, son of Madonna and guy Ritchie, to live with his father in the UK and asked parents to come to a peaceful resolution of family conflict.

Мадонна проиграла суд по опеке над сыном

December 23, 2015 singer Madonna (Madonna) filed in Supreme court in Manhattan a petition to bring her son from Director guy Ritchie (Guy Ritchie) Rocco (Rocco) in America. After his parents divorced in 2008, 15-year-old Rocco lived with his father in the UK, the mother in the USA, but after the last visit to the new family guy Ritchie the young man decided to settle in London.

Madonna tried to make peace with his son via the social networks, but Rocco made it to the black list and refused to return to America.

At the end of 2015, the court ordered the teenager to spend with her mother the Christmas holidays. The final decision on child custody the judge issued only now. Portal TMZ reported that since Rocco went to school in London and feels comfortable next to father, he can temporarily stay with him.

The judge also demanded that Madonna and guy Ritchie, so they resolved the situation peacefully. According to the lawyer Rocco, litigation and the quarrel between her parents was a bad influence on the psyche of his client. If the singer and Director are unable to agree, the court will have to intervene again.

In addition to Rocco, the singer Madonna has three other children: loci Lourdes Leon (Lourdes Leon) from Cuban fitness trainer Carlos Leon (Carlos Leon), adopted son David Banda (David Banda), where Madonna and guy Ritchie took custody shortly before the divorce, and adopted daughter of Chifundo mercy James (Mercy James), which the singer took care in 2009.

Guy Ritchie is married to model Jackie ainsley (Jacqui Ainsley). For almost six years relationship they had three children — Levi (Levi), Rafael (Rafael) and Rivka (Rivka).

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