Madonna left the daughter hungry

Мадонна оставила гостей дочери голодными

Birthday mercy, who was adopted by Madonna girls was excellent, but the ending it was pleasant not to all. Last weekend, the singer threw a party at his house in the Hamptons with a duration of two days. The occasion was a success, there were many guests, but the food not so much.

Edition RadarOnline reports that at some point celebrity just disappeared behind the door of his bedroom, giving guests and their children themselves. Soon, a small mercy guests began to complain of hunger, but personal chef of Madonna refused to cook dinner for them, motivating it with that only takes orders from the mistress of the house. The mistress, it seemed, did not plan more to come.
About ten o’clock one of the guests decided to climb into the bedrooms of celebrities and that, of course, ordered his cook to prepare something for guests.
“It kosher food was sheer rubbish” — stated the guest.