Madonna leaves her son in London

Мадонна оставляет сына в Лондоне

Madonna, who only recently completed its world tour Rabel heart, spends spring days in London with her son Rocco. They see each other every day, hanging out and attending entertainment events. Mother and son are happy to see each other, despite what happened between them in the past.

Rocco now lives in the house of his father, ex-husband of American singer guy Ritchie, but he frequently visits his mother. Before they were seen leaving Chiltern Firehouse in London, and it was obvious that they were delighted with the company of each other.
Sources claim that during his stay in London, Madonna became convinced that her son is feeling much better. But here she was riding with only one thought – to return to Rocco in United States at any cost.
When Madonna came to London and started spending time with Rocco, she realized that he really loves his life here. He attends school and loves his friends. Rocco told her I didn’t want to go back to America because there he constantly feels in her shadow, and it depresses it. Madonna and guy have agreed that Rocco remained in London until the end of school, and she would often visit him here,” — said the source.
According to sources, Madonna has decided to support the decision of the son and accept him. Their relationship is very open and intimate, and it’s what she always lacked.

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