Madonna leaves America for young lover

Мадонна покидает Америку ради молодого любовника
The singer moved to Lisbon.



As it became known, Madonna is going
to move to move to Portugal. Recently it acquired in the capital of this
the country’s luxurious mansion and intends to make it his main residence. What
as for the reasons why the singer decided to leave the US, they like
a minimum of two. The first is her next love story and the second son.

According to reports the Portuguese media, Madonna has become
the owner of a huge old mansion, standing on top of a hill. built
in the 18th century. For him, the singer, almost
trading, posted almost 6 million euros. After all, besides the fact that the singer is in
love the house and views from it, Madonna has attracted
the location of her new abode is not far from the training
the base of the local Junior football team Benifica. Sports talent, discovered at her 12-year-old
adopted son David, and his desire to play in this team, and became one of the motives

But beyond the desire to help the son to carry out
his dream, Madonna was another, not less important reason
to move to the capital of Portugal. The fact that some time ago a 58-year-old
the singer began a new romance — with a young Portuguese Kevin Sampaio, making
a career in the modeling business, and living in Lisbon. And Madonna was so fascinated
her new boyfriend that decided for him to move overseas. The fact
Kevin only 31 years old, Madonna does not bother, she had lovers and
younger. For example, her previous mate Abubakr Soumahoro, to whom she “gave
resignation” in the beginning of this year, only 26 years old…