Madonna invited Sean Penno again to marry her

Мадонна предложила Шону Пенну снова на ней жениться
The singer shocked the audience another series of scandalous escapades.

Madonna and Sean Penn


It would seem that
the person enjoying such a scandalous reputation, like Madonna, is no
can puzzle the audience. But no, during a recent event held in Malawi,
the purpose of which was to collect funds for the benefit of hospitals for the local kids, she managed
impress those gathered in the audience hall. About it reported the Internet-the website

58-year-old Madonna
arrived in the African country, the homeland of her adopted children David and mercy to
to take part in a charity auction. And so, during the event, she
suddenly came up on stage and present in the room of Sean Penn, whose wife she
was four years – from 1985 to 1989, and made an unexpected statement: “I still
love you! And if you suggest for the next lot of 150 thousand, I agree again
to marry you!” The funny thing is that while Sean was willing to shell out the required amount, the lot
he has not got — it was intercepted by another bidder who agreed
to pay even more.

for Madonna, she was not satisfied. Deciding to remember the old days,
the singer auctioned his old photos from the wedding with Sean. And after that,
to whet the enthusiasm of the public, suggested penny to chain themselves to it
handcuffs! And when he obeyed, contentedly
commented: “Well, now all we have with you, as it once was …”

The most amazing
in this story, the fact that the hall was attended by 11-year-old adopted son of the singer —
David, a native whose mother died in childbirth. And boy wasn’t
embarrassed by the behavior of the mother. On the contrary, he proudly said: “I know
think about how lucky I am that she adopted me. Because otherwise I would never
what didn’t survive…”