Madonna immediately flew to London to save his son

Мадонна срочно вылетела в Лондон спасать сына
Pop star incognito arrived in England.

Madonna and son Rocco


Madonna left suddenly for England, once it became known that her ex-husband guy Ritchie, on the contrary, left this country. And just at the beginning of the new academic year for their son Rocco! Of course, the mother hastened to London, to see if everything was okay, the boy in a new school and support it in the absence of the father.

It’s only been a few days as Madonna and guy Ritchie have agreed on the fate of Rocco. The controversial battle over a boy between the pop star and the famous Director lasted nine months. Madonna insisted on the need to stay with her son, his brother and sisters in America. The boy openly stated that they would prefer to live with her father and his new family in England.

In the result, it was decided that Madonna has signed, clearly reluctantly. Still — because from her point of view she literally took away my son! He will now live and study in England, under the tutelage of his father. And Madonna is a regular, as it is written in the documents signed by both parties, spending time in America. What is meant by the word “regularly” is not specified. Here the singer, and hastened to London at the first opportunity to see Rocco, worth guy Ritchie to leave from there. And probably to convict him of the lack of attention to the child. After all, the beginning of the school year in a new school requires the presence of at least one of the parents.