Madonna hides her adopted twins

Мадонна скрывает усыновленных ею близнецов
The singer became a foster mother of two girls.



As reported
press Secretary of the Supreme court Mlenga Mvula Malawi, Madonna’s request to allow her to adopt two twin girls from
this country is satisfied. Now the singer has the full right to take the children to his home in the United States. This was reported by the newspaper The Mirror.

Other official
officials also confirmed that 58-year-old singer was allowed again to become a foster mother. The judge
Fiona Mwale hear the case, said: “According to the decision of the Supreme
the court, Madonna received permission to adopt two girls.”

Although officials
was not informed of the names of the adopted children of Madonna, the informant, The Mirror was able to learn that
we are talking about four year old twins Esther and Stella, who came to the shelter
about two years ago. Says the same source, one of
the phases of a case Madonna, who is currently in
Malawi, came to the court with the girls.

In this case
the singer has not yet recognized the fact of adoption. In his last interview
Madonna stated that allegedly came to Malawi on cases related to charitable
activities, including providing assistance to the local hospitals.

the singer previously was the foster mother of two Malawian children. In 2006 she adopted David Banda.
And three years later she joined the family daughter mercy. In addition to them, Madonna
there are two more children — 19-year-old Lourdes, from her boyfriend Carlos Leon and
15-year-old Rocco from her marriage to guy Ritchie.