Madonna headed the rating of the most profitable solo artists

Мадонна возглавила рейтинг самых прибыльных сольных артистов

Ambiguous behavior Madonna on stage attracts a huge army of fans. The Queen of pop that is now fighting with her ex-husband for custody of their son Rocco, was back on top and proved that all her scandals play into the hands.

According to an article published in Billboard magazine, the tour of “Rebel Heart”, which recently ended in Sydney, brought Madge a profit 169,8 million dollars, and the total revenue of the Madonna concerts reached to 1.31 billion. So Madonna has become the most profitable solo performer, while the total rating of the most profitable musicians (here were taken into account and the teams) led the group Rolling Stones (1,84 billion). The second group U2 (1.67 bn). Madonna occupies the third place.

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