Мадонна помирилась с экс-мужем Гаем Ричи, чтобы удочерить близняшек из Африки

To obtain permission to adopt twins from Africa, Madonna had to allow ex-husband guy Ritchie to take custody of their son Rocco.

Мадонна помирилась с экс-мужем Гаем Ричи, чтобы удочерить близняшек из Африки

Singer Madonna (Madonna) have issued custody of 4-year-old girls-twins Esther (Esther) and Stella (Stella) from the African nation of Malawi.

Resolution for adoption 58-year-old singer received: court of Malawi did not satisfy the conflict of the Madonna and ex-husband, British Director guy Ritchie (Guy Ritchie). The ex-wife waged a protracted struggle for custody of 16-year-old son Rocco (Rocco). Recall that a year ago, Madonna lost the case, Rocco finally moved to London to dad. However, the singer did not want to give up and kept fighting for my son.

In the current situation, to obtain permission for adoption of the twins Madonna had to go to the world. Rocco will live in London, and the pop diva will thus become the mother of twins from Malawi. The judge who conducted the case of the singer, were inclined to reject the petition for adoption, because they believed that family conflict negative harakterizuet Madonna as a mother.

To get custody of the children, Madonna also had to undergo a medical examination and provide a certificate confirming its viability. In the event of illness or death of a singer of Stella and Esther will take care of sister Madonna. The twins have already moved to new York and getting used to a new home.

The pop star already has two adopted children from Malawi. In 2008, Madonna adopted David Banda (David Banda), and in 2009 adopted mercy James (Mercy James). The singer also has two biological children: a 20-year-old daughter Lourdes (Lourdes) and 16-year-old Rocco.